Why Choose Dr. Z?

Your fast relief, positive outcome and long-term healing are my primary goals.

You are in control of your care.

Your health care budget is honored at my office. You will never be pressured to have more care that you can afford.

You can take advantage of long, flexible Office Hours. You receive Whole Body Care during every visit.

Most doctors treat your chief compliant and then treat other areas of pain by rescheduling you for separate visits. Fees add up fast.

At my office you save time and money because during every treatment your Whole Body is balanced and centered.

Your care is individualized and personalized to meet your unique health care goals.

Your appointments will be On Time. You will rarely, if ever, need to wait.

When you come into my office you will generally be the only patient here and you will have my full, undivided attention.

Your time is valuable and you are a VIP when you are in my office.

You should experience relief in your symptoms in less time than traditional chiropractic saving you time and money.

You will receive unique, unconventional and integrated treatment protocols that helps you achieve Natural Joint Pain Relief fast.

Your treatment sessions are also learning sessions.

You will learn:

-why you developed your symptoms

-what areas are the root cause of your pain

-ways to implement self-care techniques that will speed your healing

...among many others.

Your questions and concerns are important to our relationship. Your emails, text or phone calls will be answered the same day you contact me 7 days a week. 

Begin to transform your pain and stress into opportunity and freedom today.

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