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As a San Francisco Bay area wellness chiropractor I offer a comprehensive suite of holistic services designed to help you attain optimum health.

No popping or cracking in my care! Forget any preconceived notions of going to the chiropractor and having your spine go “snap, crackle & pop”.

Instead, I approach your care from the healing and holistic method of Non-Force chiropractic techniques.

This allows me to balance and align your musculoskeletal system in a gentle manner without the forceful methods used in other offices.

Learn more about Non-Force Chiropractic

Bodywork Massage

As a licensed wellness chiropractor I also specialize in bodywork. This is unique! Consider that when you need the healing powers of massage therapy how the general practice in chiropractic care is to refer you out to a different practitioner.

This is because most chiropractors can’t or won't take the time to perform bodywork.

One of the aspects I take great pride in within my practice is that there are no referrals for holistic care. No matter your needs, I will be with you personally every step of the way. Of course, should I find that your situation falls outside of my scope of practice you will be referred to a medical specialist immediately.

And don’t take my word for it. Read what my current patients have to say.

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Sickness Care vs Wellness Care

I encourage you to compare the way most Western doctors focus on treating symptoms as opposed to understanding the true underlying causes of your need for care.

Why are you feeling stressed?

Why are you experiencing chronic pain?

Wellness care focuses on identifying the root causes. While I’m a National and California State Board Certified Chiropractor I also am well versed in the Eastern modalities of care…so I’m able to provide you the best of both worlds!

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Chinese Massage Therapy

Because I approach your healing from a wellness chiropractor point of view I use ancient Chinese massage modalities as well.

For example, by using a technique like Chi Nei Tsang massage I’m able to focus on bringing forth your healing Chi energy as we strengthen & balance your internal organs and nervous system.

Through unique Qi Gong exercises I’m able to help you use breathing & posture techniques to achieve success in handling stress, losing weight, lessening your healing times and many other wonderful benefits.

Learn more about Chinese Massage

Employing Orthotics in Your Chiropractic Care

I also apply the science of orthotics (shoe inserts) in order to identify how we can help you find relief with conditions like back, neck, shoulder, hip, knee or ankle pain.

Properly realigning and optimizing the arch of your foot will do wonders for your chronic pain issues and allow you to move with more confidence.

Learn more about Custom Orthotics

As you can see I take my responsibility as your wellness chiropractor quite seriously.

I continue to enjoy investing my time and energy staying current with new trends and alternative healing protocols to help solve your stress and pain related issues in order to help you live a life full of joy and success.

You are worth healing.

Begin to transform your chronic pain and stress into opportunity and freedom today.

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