Trigger Point Therapy Massage

I often use trigger point therapy massage in order to help my patients feel a reduction in pain.

My clientele is mainly made up of professionals needing to feel immediate release so they can get back to optimum work performance.

Trigger point therapy is effective for this purpose because the majority of pain is usually alleviated quite quickly.

What’s a Trigger Point?

Dr. John Zeravich explains trigger points

A trigger point is a painful spot on the body that “triggers” painful responses not only there but also in other parts of your body.

Your body is a collection of nerves.

As you age (hormonal changes), perform prolonged sitting and computer-related activities, experience accidents your muscles, tendons and nerves begin to form micro-fibers and adhesions.

These microfibers and adhesions cause a decrease of lubrication within the sheathes through which the tendons move. Eventually causing pain and stiffness.

Pain and stiffness in one area can easily “refer” pain to another connected piece of tissue.

This is called referred pain.

These localized points cause great pain as the connective tissue and muscle groups are highly sensitive when compressed.

As the pressure builds, this is when you begin to feel referred pain elsewhere.

Another term you may hear to describe trigger points is “hyperirritable spots”. These hyperirritable spots are said to be associated with nodules inside the taut bands of your skeletal muscle fibers.

These palpable nodules become quite painful as they contract into small knots.

Using Trigger Point Therapy Massage

When I perform trigger point therapy it’s done in order to reduce your pain through isolated cycles of pressure and release.

You’ll be asked to be a part of the process so you can help identify precisely where the localized as well as referred pain is showing up in your body.

Benefits of Trigger Point Therapy

The benefit, of course, is the reduction of your pain. By releasing the knots within your muscle fibers we’re able to successfully reduce the pressure and pain.

As I mentioned above you’ll often notice a significant lessening of your pain within one single session.

If you suffer from any sort of chronic injury we can create wonderful results over a small succession of sessions.

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