Trigger Point Referred Pain Patterns

Dr. John Zeravich demonstrates trigger points

Trigger point referred pain patterns are points of discomfort you’ll sometimes feel in one area of the body while the actual source is located at another area.

Originally created by Dr. Janet Travell, MD at Cornell University, trigger point referred pain patterns offer a unique window into your chronic pain.

For example, I may locate a trigger point in your back that brings down the presence of pain in your neck.

Your neck itself could then at this point become a trigger point and cause a dull or sharp pain in your head.

A trigger point in your hip may decrease your primary symptom of leg pain.

As you can see it takes some expertise to become proficient at locating these trigger points and then successfully treating them.

Your Pain Most Likely Comes From Trigger Points

Studies have been done showing how up to 93% of all patients reporting pain are suffering from trigger point pain.

If you’re in chronic pain it’s important for me to identify where the pain originates and what the underlying cause may be.

Once you come in for your first visit at my San Francisco Bay area practice I’ll initially perform a comprehensive orthopedic, neurological exam that then proceeds into my Non-Force Spinal Manipulation Whole body procedure.

If I discover the need for trigger point massage I’ll then use cycles of isolated pressure and release in order to find exactly where your pain is originating.

Your involvement is key as we work together to identify the source of your pain. From there I’m usually able to alleviate a large amount of your pain immediately so you can once again feel like “yourself” and become productive once more.

In addition, you will receive self-care protocols you can safely perform at home to continue to heal and reduce your recurrence.

For more on trigger point referred pain patterns, see referred pain & trigger point therapy massage.

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