Therapeutic Bodywork
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The benefits of therapeutic bodywork are many.

In my San Francisco Bay area chiropractic massage therapy practice I often talk about how the power of touch is both healing & preventative.

The Power of Touch

power of therapeutic bodywork touch

The simple act of touching another is calming and reduces stress.

In fact, one study that threatened 16 happily married women with a mild electric shock found they were immediately calmed and brought out of their anxiety by the touch of their husbands.

From a healing point of view massage can help by reducing your levels of anxiety and stress.

This is key because your immune system is put at risk when anxiety is present.

In today’s modern world you may not even know you have low, consistent levels of stress or anxiety steadily working against your ability to fight disease and illness.

Therapeutic Bodywork Benefits

  • Decrease blood pressure

  • Improve range of motion & relieve joint pain

  • Boost your immune system

  • Relieve muscle tension and pain

  • Improve muscle tone

  • Improve circulation

  • Help conditions already present, such as diabetes, fibromyalgia, migraines, arthritis, etc

  • Enhance the functioning of your nervous system

  • Enhance your mood, brainpower and reasoning & performance at work

  • Stimulate your organs for improved functionality

Preventative Massage Therapy

While many folks think about bodywork in terms of receiving treatment when pain is present, there’s another angle to it.

Rather than wait for your body to break down why not use a preventative approach in order to relieve the underlying cause of pain, disease and illness before you’re faced with any of it?

There’s a tendency in the Western world to perform sickness care (or symptomatic relief care) where chronic illnesses like cancer, high cholesterol or stroke are first experienced and then treated.

I encourage you to take charge of your present and future wellness today. The easiest way to accomplish this is to create time in your schedule for regular bodywork in order to relieve stress from your tissues and organs.

You’ll be amazed at how “in tune” you feel, how old aches and pains dissolve away and more “quality of life” events happen in your personal & professional lives.

Choosing Your Practitioner

When you allow me to become your specialist you’re receiving personal care not only from a qualified therapeutic bodywork massage therapist but a licensed doctor, as well.

This is unique in the "world" of massage therapy.

This means when I sit down with you for our first visit I’ll provide you a complete orthopedic, neurological exam in order to fully assess & understand where you body is currently.

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From there we can work together to transform current pain or stress into healing and wellness. In order to set up your first visit, simply fill out the form below and I’ll be touch with more details...

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