50% Improvement with Post-Menopausal Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

I highly recommend anyone experiencing shoulder or neck pain to see Dr. Zeravich. I thought  my rotator cuff was giving me problems. Dr. John assessed the problem and diagnosed my problem as "thoracic outlet syndrome", otherwise known as "forty year shoulder". I understand that it's a common problem for post-menopausal women. It frequently occurs in the non-dominant arm. I have problems raising my left arm, particularly raising it behind my back. After a Tui Na Massage (Chinese Orthopedic Massage) and some non-force Chiropractic treatment, I was able to get 50% improvement in range of motion in only one session! Dr. John recommended some Qi Gong Exercises for me. I'm supposed to drink a lot more water and ginger tea and exercise my arm. I'd like to avoid future surgery, so I'm motivated to address the problem. For anyone experiencing neck or shoulder pain, you should really consider giving Dr. John a try. He's amazing! He as a really good sense of how muscles and nerves are connected together and he's able to figure out the locus of pain.

Laurie Shigekuni, Attorney At Law

"Chronic Runner's Knee Resolved"

Dr. John Zeravich, without a doubt deserves a 5 star yelp review. I had been training for a marathon, and had chronic runner's knee diagnosed by my primary care physician.

Six weeks before the marathon, my knee continued to deteriorate, and so I visited Dr. Z on the recommendation of a friend. Within two weeks of visiting Dr. Z, my chronic runner's knee had completely disappeared. When I ran my marathon, I did not feel one iota of pain. I credit Dr. Z, because I did not engage in any other interventions (i.e no physical therapy, didn't change "how I run," etc). Therefore, I can say with almost complete certainly it was because of Dr. Z.

I was so happy, I even called him to thank him as it was such a tremendous help to me completing my (first) marathon. If you have chronic pain, you should consider visiting him. He is extremely smart, genuine, kind, and warm - you will feel comfortable almost immediately after meeting him. Good luck!!

Erika B.

"Your Non-Force Chiropractor Adjustments Have Indeed Opened Things Up for Me."

I wanted to drop you a short note of appreciation for how much you have helped me over the past few months.

I came to you with the complaint that I felt blocked in my profession, which is helping athletes improve their performance by improving their efficiency, rather than their strength and endurance.

Agents did not want to talk to me about helping their athletes. Sports journalists were not interested in our program. Clients were not signing up.

Your Non-Force Chiropractor adjustments have indeed opened things up for me.

I now find that athlete's agents are much more receptive to our unique approach to improving performance. In addition, I have been contacted by journalists for interviews and new clients for enrollment in our program.

I don't think this new opening up is a coincidence. Not only is my business improving, but I also feel happier inside. I often notice a new freedom of movement in my spine.

Woman giving two thumbs up

I also have more energy. I used to work 8 hours a day and feel tired. Now I easily work 12 hours a day.

I encourage other business owners who want to improve their business to try your treatments. I am sure they will see similar positive results.

Bob Pritchard, President www.somaxsports.com, Tiburon, CA

"I Can't Believe I Didn't Find Dr. Z Sooner!"

I've had three concussions and along with those came severe migraines. I suffered these migraines for four years. I also had horrible neck and back pain that came with my concussions.

I have tried everything from acupuncture to a neurologist to Prolo therapy (huge needles injected into your neck). I was coming to the fact that I had to accept this pain because nothing was working, until my mom's customer came into her store and suggested I try non-force chiropractor with Dr. Z!

I have only seen him three times and I am already about 70% better! I don't have the neck pain, the back pain has gone down within one visit!

After seeing the best of the medical doctors and going to all the different therapies that might help, I can't believe that I didn't find Dr. Z sooner.

If you are or know of someone that is like me, trying everything to get rid of chronic pain, I HIGHLY suggest trying Dr. Z!

After just three visits for me, I am feeling like I was before my concussions and chronic pain.

Gillian Stoss, San Francisco

"Healing on a Physical and Emotional/Metaphyscial Level"

It was a Saturday morning. I woke up and couldn't move my right arm. I was in excruciating pain.

I went to Yelp.com looking for a chiropractor who was open on a Saturday morning. I was desperate. There were no chiropractors open in my area except Dr. Z.

Dr. Z said he understood my emergency and that he would make room in his schedule and he did.

I know my body and I understand my body's ability to heal. I was expecting at least six to eight weeks to get better. However, I experienced an immediate 50% decrease in my arm pain and I could move my arm almost half way to my head after my first treatment. Unbelievable.

I usually don't heal this quickly. It was interesting because Dr. Z didn't take X-rays, didn't use any mechanical or electronic devices only his magic hands.

After my second treatment I was able to move my arm normally. My right shoulder pain was 85% better.

I also noticed that my body began to retrace many of my old injuries. Injuries that I've had most of my life. I noticed that I was standing straighter and felt taller.

After only three treatments with Dr. Z I am really happy. I am impressed by Dr. Z's ability to integrate many different alternative healing modalities to create fast results.

It's nice to be able to let go of all my old injuries that my body has been compensating for all of these years. I just feel more free.

I encourage people who may be skeptical about chiropractors to try Dr. Z. You will be pleasantly surprised.

Carina Mifuel, San Francisco, CA

"A Doctor Who Remembers Your Name!"

I was involved in a motorcycle vs. automobile accident several months ago and I broke my right leg and ankle. Since then the road to recovery has been very long and bumpy, but I think I am beginning to get my life back thanks to Dr. Z.

Dr. Z actually listens to my complaints and has been working with me to develop a plan to help me get my life back.

Dr. Z is the man. He is professional, thorough, a nice guy, and really cares about my outcome.

He actually remembers my name and what's wrong with me when I walk into his office.

Try him out.

I go to the Ocean Avenue, San Francisco office because it's so convenient to my home.

His prices are very reasonable so I can afford to complete care.

Dong T. San Francisco, California

"I Feel That It's Truly a Miracle!"

Being over 70 years old and having more than my share of chronic health problems for most of my life, I have become used to my chronic pain and tension.

A few weeks before being referred to Dr. Z by my Pilates Instructor, Patrician Kaminski, I was unable to walk, couldn't sleep and my life was in a downward spiral.

I have always taken a lot of prescribed pharmaceutical medications for a wide variety of issues so I never gave alternative care a serious thought, especially Non-Force Chiropractor.

I am a small woman and have always feared that being cracked by a Chiropractor would do permanent damage to my petite body.

So when I hobbled into Dr. Z's office for my first visit I was very apprehensive and skeptical and scared.

Immediately, Dr. Z made me feel warm and welcome. He even completed my Initial Patient Information form for me while we discussed my medical history.

Kind, gentle and reassuring, Dr. Z performed a series of exams to get to the root of my left hip pain and sciatica. He was very thorough and took his time to make sure my diagnosis was correct.

During my Non-Force Chiropractor Treatment there was no twisting or cracking that my friends had told me about. Only his gentle hands adjusting my body much like acupressure.

As I climbed off of the adjusting table immediately after my treatment I felt this incredible sensation of my whole body being lubricated. All of my joints felt free and loose for the first time in my life.

As I walked around the table I felt taller and straighter. I was more grounded when I walked and felt more stable.

The next morning was a Sunday, however, I received a reassuring call from Dr. Z to follow-up my first treatment. He was very concerned about how my body was reacting to his care.

I felt 75% better after my first treatment.

I love to walk and had not been able to do any walking let alone my usual five mile hike without excruciating pain that forced me to sit down. To my amazement, two days later, I set out on my five mile hike and was able to complete it without the debilitating pain.

I feel that it is truly a miracle!

After only a few treatments, I feel better than I have felt in my entire life.

Dr. Z is now helping me work on my chronic digestion issues with Whole Food Nutrition protocols. Once again, I have noticed quick results.

If you are skeptical or afraid of Chiropractors, like I was, I recommend giving Dr. Z a try. I am sure he will treat you with dignity and respect and you will notice results in a short period of time.

Virginia Lem, San Francisco, CA

"A Way to Stay Healthy and Happy!"

I have benefited from Dr. Z for over 10 years and from the Non-Force Chiropractor technique for about 15 years.

It began in High School when I had back pain relating to sports injuries. I lived in Napa at the time and was referred to Dr. Mosher by my physical education teacher.

She said that she had been in such writhing pain that she could barely walk, 45 minutes later, she was fine. She said, "He'll poke you and wiggle your feet and you won't know why, but it works."

Dr. Mosher fixed me up those many years ago and I've been sold on Non-Force Chiropractoc ever since.

Dr. Z is the only Non-Force Chiropractor for San Francisco so after moving to San Francisco I began to visit him.

I visit Dr. Z a couple of times per year to stay in good health, but if I mess up my back doing some unusual movement he can always get me into the office promptly.

Dr. Z is professional and takes the time to tell me exactly what is going on in this Devil of a back that I am stuck with.

If you have only gone to "crunch the joints" style of Chiropractic, check out Dr. Z's Non-Force Chiropractor method.

It just might be the solution you've been looking for.

Charmy O., San Francisco, California

"Life Counselor, Mentor, and Wellness Practitioner!"

I began seeing Dr. Z a little over 2 years ago. He was referred to me by a friend who said, "Dr. Z is not a conventional Chiropractor".

My friend knew that I didn't like my bones cracked and I wanted someone who would see me for longer than 5 minutes per visit. She said I wouldn't be disappointed.

Not only did Dr. Z exceed all of my expectations: (1) no visit with him lasts less than 30 minutes (2) he seems to have a magic touch because his treatment is very light and gentle but extremely effective.

Dr. Z completely changed my life.

At the time I began seeing him I had constant, debilitating back pain from an injury I had suffered over 3 years before.

My pain was constant and even though it bothered me I had sadly learned to live with it. Believe me I had been to a wide variety of health care professionals and no one could give me relief.

After only 6 visits I was finally pain free.

I still see Dr. Z for maintenance care and to prevent my pain from returning.

I also consider him a life counselor, mentor and wellness practitioner.

Dr. Z has taken a holistic and comprehensive look at my life.

He prescribes Natural Whole Food Supplements, detoxification protocols, daily exercises designed to fit my special needs, custom Orthotic Insoles, and even life advice.

Dr. Z is one of the best Massage Therapists I have experienced, and I have experienced massages all over the world. What better person to give you a massage than your Chiropractor. He knows your body better than anyone.

I want to thank Dr. Z by writing this public testimonial.

I feel I have been transformed. I am a different person than the one who walked into his office 2 years ago.

I am happier, more relaxed, and better able to handle stress.

Most importantly, I am pain free and living a normal life.

Sonee S., San Francisco, California

"Chiropractical Care!"

In these days of slowing economies and tightened "discretionary" spending, it is so rare to find "value-oriented" services. I don't have to worry about getting my "monies-worth" with Dr. John Zeravich (Dr. Z).

I was referred to Dr. Z by a good friend who had been coming to Dr. Z for almost a decade.

Dr. Z came from behind the counter and greeted me with the warmest greeting I had ever received from a "Doctor/Health Care Service Provider". His tone was easy, soft and caring. He took a health history and we began, what Dr. Z refers to as our journey of "transformation".

After my adjustment, Dr. Z asked me how I was feeling (I really hadn't felt much adjusting since it was so gentle…) but on thinking I did notice that my posture had greatly improved. Also on the plus side I had quite a bit of energy for several days after the appointment.

Dr. Z called me that night to see how I was doing and I have seen Dr. Z twice since my first appointment. In this short time (2 weeks) I have felt improved balance and increased openness in my back, and, in conjunction with my Yoga practice twice a week, have felt an improvement in my ability to stretch and have increased my ability to get into some of the more difficult poses for my body. That's on a physical level. On an emotional/spiritual level I have found that I am responding more confidently and openly to others.

Dr. Z's "practical" approach to Chiropractic care combines both my needs and my budget. I don't ever feel pressured to complete his suggested protocols. It is all on my timing and I feel very confident that this will be a very long and prosperous relationship.

I feel this care is a partnership between us. I have a responsibility to give Dr. Z feed back that will help him better care for my needs, to take suggestions to the best of my ability and to keep open as to new possibilities for self-care in my life.

I'm looking forward to a very long partnership with Dr. Z and all the gifts that it brings.

Eileen G., Daly City, California, a very satisfied client

"Neck Pain Relief Just in Time!"

Last July I was scheduled to go on a cruise to Alaska. Since my neck was a bit stiff I decided to see  a traditional chiropractor in San Francisco. I left his office with several twisted ribs which caused acute pain and the inability to breath properly. My horror was compounded with the cruise factor.

Happily I called a friend who recommended Dr. Zeravich. He was able to see and adjust me twice before my cruise. Although I was not completely mended, I was able to enjoy the cruise and was, for the most part, functional. I was able to breathe pain-free and lift small items, both a huge improvement.

I have continued to see Dr. Zeravich during the past year. He has always been able to adjust my body to assure relief on an immediate and on-going basis, and definitely, without causing harm.

I would and do recommend Dr. Zeravich for any and all chiropractic needs. Not only is he a pleasure, his skills and techniques assure positive results.

Rose Ellen Alexander, San Francisco, California

"Chiropractic Care for My Mind and Body!"

I have suffered for years from chronic neck, back and shoulder pain. I have undergone three shoulder surgeries and numerous nerve-root blocks for bulging discs in my neck. I suffer from fibromyalgia as well.

A friend told me about Dr. Zeravich after I had an auto accident late last year which aggravated all of my existing conditions, as well as, the minor injuries I sustained in the accident.

After just eight visits I feel I have improved 85% which is really quite exciting for me. I'm used to vigorous work-outs six to seven days a week and when I first saw Dr. Z I was barely able to walk on the treadmill. Now I'm back to my regular work out schedule and have started running again.

Dr. Z's knowledge of the mind and body is extraordinary and his caring and concern for his patients is like nothing I've experienced in all my various doctor care.

I've seen improvements in my mental and physical health that I wouldn't have thought possible. Dr. Z respects his patients concerns and never pushes more treatment than might be necessary. He leaves continued treatment decisions entirely up to his patients.

I plan on seeing Dr. Z on a monthly basis to continue to improve and maintain the results I have achieved.

I highly recommend Dr. Z for mind and body care.

Gail Webber, Novato, California

"From a Cripple to Playing Golf in Five Treatments!"

I love to play golf. I play in my a special tournament in Lake Tahoe every summer with my adult sons. It is a very important annual get together.

After working out in the gym I noticed my back begin to spasm. I stretched, took a jaccuzi, but could not get relief. I was in agony for almost a week.

I was not familiar with chiropractic care until I met a shop owner in Half Moon Bay while visiting with my wife. The owner told me about Dr. Z and how his non-force chiropractic care could help. She even called him to see if he could take me that afternoon.

Desperate for relief I got in the car and drove from Half Moon Bay to Dr. Z's office in San Francisco, close to SF State University.

I was in a lot of pain. I couldn't stand up straight, couldn't find a comfortable position, couldn't sleep. And my golf tournament was only six weeks away!

After only five treatments, I was able to play in my Lake Tahoe golf tournament, pain free, and even improved my scores!

Since then, I see Dr. Z a few times a year to prevent back spasms and my wife also gets great relief from non-force care.

We would not consider treatment by anyone else. He is very knowledgeable, understanding, and professional.

Jerry Scattini, San Francisco and Lake Tahoe, California

"PMS and Severe Menstrual Cramps Relieved!"

Dr. Z is a kind, gentle and highly skilled healer. This is why I've been seeing him for almost a decade.

Dr. Z has helped me tremendously with lower back pain, upper shoulder tension and overall discomfort due to job stress and power yoga.

Each time I get off Dr. Z's adjusting table I feel 100% relief.

Dr. Z has helped me get rid of decades of menstrual cramps. I have suffered from severe PMS since I began my periods. Many of my MD's prescribed Vicadin for my pain, which I had been taking for years.

When Dr. Z offered to help me with my cramps I was very skeptical. How can a chiropractor help PMS?

What astonishing results! After just two treatments, my monthly, debilitating pain is gone.

Whoever thought such healing was possible?

I will continue to recommend Dr. Z.

If you are looking for unconventional solutions to unresolved pain, make an appointment with Dr. Z.

You will feel relief after your very first visit!

Pamela C., Burlingame, California

"Back to Rowing in 2 Treatments!"

Dr. Z is great. It's nearly impossible to find Non-Force Chiropractors.

I began having neck and back pain in high school due to vigorous rowing workouts and studying long hours. That's when I met Dr. Z.

After just two treatments I was able to increase my rowing strength and able to study more effectively so my test scores improved.

Even when I went away to college in Oregon, I would see Dr. Z on my trips home for the holidays to get a tune-up.

I have been very pleased with the care and understanding that Dr. Z is able to provide.

After you have a treatment with Dr. Z, you will leave his office feeling a sense of peace and calm.

Emily G., San Francisco, California

"Carpal Tunnel Surgery Avoided!"

After years of computer typing and telephone work I developed a chronic, severe wrist pain that got worse every month.

I eventually went to my medical doctor who diagnosed me with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The only solution was surgery which would take many months to heal and had no guarantees.

I made an appointment to have the surgery.

Just before my surgery date I was speaking to one of my clients about my wrist pain when he told me about Dr. Z. He said that Dr. Z could help chronic wrist pain and that I probably wouldn't need the surgery.

I called my orthopedic surgeon and told him I wanted to postpone my surgery while I tried an unconventional, non-surgical approach.

After about five treatments I had no wrist pain. I couldn't believe it. Dr. Z's form of care is like nothing I have ever experienced with a chiropractor.

Dr. Z is professional, sincere, honest, and effective.

If you have unresolved, chronic pain, try Dr. Z. You may be as pleasantly surprised as I am.

Gary S., San Carlos, California

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