Reflexology vs Massage

Reflexology vs massage…which method is best for you and your chronic pain or stress levels?

Before getting into the specific differences between massage and reflexology I’d like to point out that being a licensed doctor provides me a unique perspective inside the chiropractic/massage industries.

Most other chiropractors refer their patients out to other practitioners when reflexology or massage is required to further care.

Since I can perform both chiropractic and massage therapy I’m able to remain with you throughout your entire care protocol.

Before I perform any work I help you with my complete orthopedic, neurological exam. This allows me to ascertain which direction we’ll go in next: reflexology vs massage.

What is Reflexology?

Dr. John Zeravich performs reflexology massage

In a relaxing reflexology session I focus on pressure points located on your feet.

Each pressure point, or reflex zone, connects to other parts of your body. As I work your reflex zones I’m able to send signals through your nerves to provide relief and benefit to your entire body.

What types of benefits can you expect to experience after going through a reflexology session?

You’ll experience feelings of deep relaxation that immediately relieve stress levels. Beyond this we’re improving your blood circulation as well as lymphatic system drainage.

What is Massage?

Rather than focusing on the foot and reflex zones massage applies manipulation to the soft tissue of specific areas of your entire body.

The benefits of massage are similar to reflexology: the promotion of well-being and relaxation in order to achieve stress reduction, increased energy levels, pain relief and stimulation of your lymphatic system.

Reflexology vs Massage

Now, some massage therapists will be proficient in reflexology while some won’t. As well, massage therapists will sometimes massage your feet while not using the pressure points used during a reflexology session.

The same goes for reflexologists. Some can do only reflexology and some will be proficient in massage, too.

In my practice I’m a specialist at both.

I find this is best for you, my client, because we can first perform my comprehensive orthopedic, neurological exam that opens all first visits. This allows me to figure out precisely where your body is presently.

From there we move into my unique Whole Body Non-Force Spinal Manipulation. Click here to learn more about Non-Force chiropractic so you understand it’s holistic, with none of the bone cracking or popping most folks would rather avoid.

The next step is to ascertain whether reflexology or massage is our next step.

Either way we go, You Are Worth Healing!

Begin to transform your pain and stress into opportunity and freedom today.

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