Referred Shoulder Pain

Referred shoulder pain is usually some sort of unexplained pain that doesn’t change even when you move your neck.

You may notice symptoms in other places of your body, such as your chest or stomach alongside your shoulder pain.

Generally speaking, referred pain is pain you feel in one area of your body caused by a problem existing in a completely different area. Click here for a further explanation of referred pain.

What Causes Referred Shoulder Pain?

Dr. Z treats referred shoulder pain

Any one of the following might be the source of your shoulder issue:

Lung issues: This could include pneumonia.

The pain may be felt in more areas than your shoulder, including your upper chest, upper arm, shoulder blade area, armpit or neck area.

If you are feeling it in the shoulder, it will usually be on the same side as your lung problem.

Blood vessel or heart issues: Could include heart attack or pericarditis (inflammation around your heart) where you’ll experience the pain in your left arm or shoulder area.

Abdominal issues: Might include pancreatitis or gallstones.

Other problems that can cause this issue include:

  • Shingles
  • Thoracic outlet syndrome
  • Gas resulting from laparoscopic abdominal surgery
  • Paget’s disease

It's also possible your pain's source is in your neck.

If you’re experiencing referred pain from the neck you’ll often feel it at the top of your shoulder while true shoulder pain will often occur at the top of your upper arm.

It’s tough to know for sure until you come in for an expert look at your situation because some folks with shoulder pain originating in the neck also experience rotator cuff muscle weakness.

If your shoulder pain is truly originating in your neck it could be from:

  • Narrowing of the spine (Spinal Stenosis)
  • Arthritis of the spine (Cervical spondylosis)
  • Muscle or ligament damage, normally resulting from an accident or fall
  • Disc prolapse

Getting Help

I encourage you to come in for a visit so I can perform tests, such as my initial comprehensive orthopedic, neurological exam.

From there we can see which of the many services I provide may be the best fit for helping alleviate your referred shoulder pain.

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