Referred Pain

Referred pain is pain you feel in one part of your body that in all actuality is not the source of your problem.

Throughout your body are various road maps of nerves. Interestingly, we can touch one point on your body and you’ll feel pain or pressure in another area.

This is why it’s so important to take advantage of therapeutic bodywork and Non-Force chiropractic techniques.

Western medicine techniques will often miss the ultimate reason for pain in the shoulder, for example, while an Eastern or massage approach will be able to make the connection between the pain you feel and the underlying reasons.

Identifying Referred Pain Sources

While, of course, it’s more important for me to know each precise source of referred pain I find it benefits you as my client to have a basic understanding of the phenomena.

For example, internal organs such as your gall bladder, liver or spleen are referred to the shoulder.

All types of conditions can cause shoulder pain, such as gallstones, liver abscesses, splenic rupture, pericarditis or pneumonia.

Another area where you can feel pain that becomes confusing is between the shoulder blades.

Sometimes, a stomach disease such as gastric cancer can manifest in your upper back area.

This is because pain signals from some of the nerve fibers running to the stomach report back to the same spinal cord levels that report pain signals from the upper back or shoulder blade skin area.

Interesting, wouldn’t you say?

How This Helps In Your Massage Session

The important aspect to this is how the specialized knowledge I have in this area allows me to identify the source of your pain and then through the power of therapeutic touch help your body on its way to healing the underlying cause.

Nerve fibers from each organ have a direct relationship with your spinal cord and this is where my Non-Force chiropractic treatment is highly beneficial.

Various life events and relationships cause levels of stress on your inner energy. Over time mis-alignments occur and you experience the ache or pain that prompts your call into my office.

These mis-alignments often result in a situation where you identify a pain in one area of your body but my diagnosis will identify the underlying cause elsewhere.

From there it’s a matter of relieving the stress in these areas in order to open up your body energy. This process allows you to quickly feel noticeable pain relief as your body reacquires its natural healing abilities.

Begin to transform your chronic pain and stress into opportunity and freedom today.

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