Referred Knee Pain

What might be causing your referred knee pain?

First of all, understand that referred pain is a concept that says you’re feeling pain in one area of your body but the source of that pain is actually originating elsewhere.

It can become frustrating quite quickly if you don’t know how to figure out the puzzle!

What Causes Referred Knee Pain?

Hip Joint: If you’ve developed arthritis in your hip it could be referring pain into your knee. This one often goes undetected by even the most experienced doctor and always needs to be considered.

Herniated Disc: When your herniated disc allows its jelly-like core to squish out into your spinal canal the pain can make its way down to your knee as pressure is applied to the spinal cord.

Tendinitis in your thigh can cause knee pain.

Lower Back Injuries can caused referred pain to make it’s way to your knee, as well as your foot, shin, calf or thigh.

Getting Help

Dr. John Zeravich treating knee pain

If you’re experiencing referred knee pain I encourage you to make an appointment to come see me.

I’m a licensed chiropractor with years of experience in helping solve these types of referred pain issues.

During your first visit I’ll take you through my comprehensive orthopedic, neurological exam so we can figure exactly where your body “is” at the moment.

Then, we’ll move through my unique Whole Body Non-Force Spinal Manipulation in order to treat your entire body in pursue what our next step(s) should be.

I have a number of chiropractic and massage therapies at my disposal in order to help bring the true cause of your pain to the surface and treat it accordingly.

The above sentence is telling: it’s unique to find a licensed doctor who can also perform his own holistic massage modalities.

I'm one of those specialists and it’s my passion to remain your practitioner all the way throughout your process rather than refer you out because my expertise runs dry.

I can promise you that won’t happen! In fact, you can see what my current patients have to say about my methods and expertise in bringing healing to your situation.

Remember this: You are worth healing!

Begin to transform your pain and stress into opportunity and freedom today.

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