How Can You Benefit From
Qi Gong Exercises?

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Welcome to Qi Gong Exercises.

Have you tried several types of movement therapy to relieve your pain only to be disappointed with your outcome?

Did your physical therapist release you from care even though you still had limited range of motion and pain?

Has your medical doctor told you "this is as good as you will ever be"?

Are you frustrated with conventional movement protocols and want to try a unique, custom, holistic approach to your physical therapy exercises?

Have you experienced injuries from various movement therapies such as Yoga, Pilates, Feldenkreis?

My Unique Form of Qi Gong Provides The Following Benefits

  • You'll develop a deep increased internal strength (Qi or Life Force) that may not be quickly noticeable but will increase your metabolism and your ability lose weight.
  • You'll dramatically reduce the amount of time it takes you to heal compared to traditional (Western) physical therapy exercises.
  • By performing your movements in a slow, focused manner you'll notice a dramatic increase in your range of motion.
  • You'll become more balanced and stronger because your entire muscle group and joint complex are involved in your healing.
  • Your Spirit, Mind and Body will be more relaxed, calm, balanced and centered.
  • You'll be able to handle stress more easily.
  • You'll develop a greater sense of confidence.
  • Your Spirit, Mind, and Body will be healed in a truly interconnected way.
  • You'll develop deep, healthy breathing which helps to oxygenate your muscles resulting in reduced soreness and faster healing time.

Why I Developed My Unique Form of Qi Gong Exercises

After taking histories of patients frustrated with their physical therapy outcomes I began to look into Qi Gong as a way of helping my patients heal.

One of my patients referred me to Master Greg Zheng who operated a Qi Gong Healing clinic in San Rafael over a decade ago.

Master Zheng and I became instant friends and colleagues.

We often referred the most difficult patients to one another.

We began to collaborate on 18 Form Qi Gong Exercises which have been used in Orthopedic Hospitals in China but never introduced to the United States until now.

Over the past several years I've adapted the original 18 Form Exercises I learned from Master Zheng into a more approachable, easy to learn Western format.

Are you open-minded and willing to try an ancient yet proven way of healing your body through focused movements?

If so, call or text me on my iPhone at 415-246-5867 to add Qi Gong Therapy  to your next visit!

You are worth healing.

Begin to transform your pain and stress into opportunity and freedom today.

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