How Can a Non-Force Chiropractor Help You?

As Non-Force Chiropractor, I use a technique that's a combination of several safe, effective protocols developed over the last hundred years.

Dr Z's non-force chiropractic care eliminates your pain

Practitioners who have contributed to my integrated Chiropractic approach include:

  • Richard Van Rumpt, Chiropractor, developer of DNFT (Directional Non-Force Technique) 1923
  • Arlan Fuhr, Chiropractor, developer of Activator Methods 1967
  • Donald Epstein, Chiropractor, developer of Network Spinal Analysis 1985
  • William Sutherland, Osteopath, developer of Cranio Sacral Technique 1899
  • George Goodheart, Chiropractor, developer of Sacral Occipital Technique 1964
  • Vinton Logan, Chiropractor, developer of Logan Basic 1936
  • among many others

You won't experience any cervical rotaries, lumbar rolls, or bone popping thrusts.

Safe, gentle, Non-Force Chiropractor care is recommended for a wide variety of patients, including:

  • infants who may be colicky
  • professional athletes who want to improve their discipline
  • weekend warriors who want to prevent injury
  • older people with pre-existing conditions, such as ostopenia
  • busy executives who want to reduce stress and tension
  • homemakers with neck and back strain from cleaning house and caring for children
  • anyone who wants to resolve chronic pain and stress

Non-Force Chiropractic doesn't require a long drawn out series of treatments.

You'll notice pain relief quickly.

You'll also optimize your body's ability to self-heal.

Underlying Philosophy & Principles of Dr. Z's Non-Force Chiropractor Care

In traditional Chiropractic philosophy, Innate is thought to be that intelligence in the body which is responsible for the functioning and well-being of the individual.

In my Non-Force Chiropractic, Innate is more than a philosophical concept.

Innate Intelligence allows me to diagnose spinal mis-alignments through a unique stimulus/response leg check.

I utilize the principle of Innate Intelligence in both analysis and adjusting.

Innate Intelligence is expressed via the leg check in response to a specific challenge.

This approach yields the most accurate picture of a spinal mis-alignment from your body's internal neurological point of view.

Your body accepts the specific character of my thrust when it's applied in the exact location and direction that is indicated by the body.

Your body accepts the corrective energy and translates it into the appropriate amount of force that is required to correct that specific spinal mis-alignment.

Even though I introduce the impulse of a thrust, in one sense, your Innate does the adjusting.

Your body accumulates spinal mis-alignments that have occurred from many factors, including:

  • physical and emotional stress
  • accidents
  • being a parent
  • being a grandparent
  • not assimilating the nutrition from the food you eat
  • among many others

Over time your body accumulates layers of stress in the form of compensation. Similar to the layers of an onion.

My unique, integrated form of Non-Force Chiropractic, safely and gently peels away your layers of stress.

This peeling away layers of stress is known as retracing.

Begin to transform your chronic pain and stress into opportunity and freedom today.

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