Massage Therapy for Stress Reduction

Massage therapy for stress reduction is effective when you need relief from your high-paced lifestyle.

A common response I hear often inside my San Francisco Bay area practice is the immediate decrease in overall tension and stress. 

There’s no doubt stress is prevalent in your business and private life. 

By the way, according to the Mayo Clinic massage therapy helps reduce stress, lessen anxiety for women and children with depression, and can even reduce the symptoms of withdrawals for folks working to quit smoking or drinking.

I encourage you to use therapeutic bodywork massage as a tool for reducing stress. You’ll experience a natural calmness you possibly haven’t felt in quite some time.

Let’s take a deeper look into how stress can be handled by regular massage therapy… 

Triggers the Relaxation Response

The emergency stress response of “fight or flight” is the physical reaction stress places on your body.

Stress elevates your heart rate, breathing rate and increases muscular tension (sympathetic). Massage promotes the relaxation response by relaxing your muscles, decreasing your heart rate and slowing down your breathing rate (parasympathetic).

Lowers Blood Pressure

Massage helps your body to lower as well as maintain a healthy blood pressure level. This is important because when your blood pressure is normal you’re able to live longer and more productively.

Provides Immediate Relief

Massage provides you with immediate stress relief. You don’t have to wait for it to work on you. You’ll feel a quick freeing of muscular tension and emotional anxiety. Many patients report wanting to go home and take a long nap.

Other Benefits of Reducing Stress Levels

  • Improves ability to handle pressure situations
  • Better overall mental outlook
  • Promotes a positive attitude
  • Enhances creative thinking abilities
  • Improves overall mental alertness

Not Just About Current Performance

I encourage you to look not only at the immediate benefits of massage therapy for stress reduction but also the long-term ramifications.

Stress is the precursor to physical conditions or illnesses.

Always remember physical pain can often be the result of low-level stress which has been around long enough to grow from emotional/spiritual dis-ease into its physical manifestation.

Taking the time to regularly relieve the sometimes unnoticeable emotional stressors just beneath the surface will go a long way with ensuring you live a long, healthy life.

How I Can be of Service

As a National and State Board Certified licensed chiropractor that can also perform holistic massage therapy, I am an expert in discovering the exact cause of your emotional or physical issues.

I am proficient in the following types of care:

Non-Force Spinal Manipulation – This means there won’t be jarring bone cracking methods used. I use Non-Force methods to ensure safe balancing of your musculoskeletal system.

Full Body Massage – I use a wide variety of massage methods designed to reduce stress and remove all tension from your body.

Relaxing Reflexology – This is used to eliminate your tension and soreness and to lessen inflammation.

Chinese Massage Therapy – I detoxify the organs & balance out your Chi energy with techniques like Chi Nei Tsang.

My focus is on wellness through holistic practices. If you’d like to experience the wonderful power of massage therapy for stress reduction then contact me below.

You are worth it!

Begin to transform your pain and stress into opportunity and freedom today.

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