Get in Touch With Massage Therapy Benefits

massage helps you become more productive as a professional

Massage therapy benefits include relief from a chronic pain, reduction in stress within your muscles or simply to enjoy relaxing “me-time”.

A therapeutic massage is the ideal way by which not only your physical and emotional well-being is improved but also the overall quality of your life.

However, the overall benefits of bodywork go well and truly beyond just that.

Let’s take a look at some of the many reasons your health will be enhanced by a visit to a professional therapeutic massage clinic like my San Francisco office.

Counteract the Modern “Day”

Postural stress, caused by a mostly sedentary business environment, is one of the biggest issues most individuals of our modern world are dealing with.

This type of stress more often than not tends to manifest itself around the regions of your neck and shoulders.

Health advisors indicate that desk workers are more likely to be at risk of such stress that develops as a weakness or pain in the gluteals and lower back, brought about extensive periods of sitting.

Massage therapy is capable of countering this imbalance so by scheduling a regular massage you won't be at a risk for this type of injury.

Counteract Muscular Pain

If you’re suffering from sore muscles, massage therapy can be an invaluable asset.

By improving and increasing circulation around the affected area it helps in providing almost immediate relief. This is similar to the situation where you rub your elbows after accidentally knocking them on the edge of the table.

Soothe Depression & Anxiety

In the context of being professional, friendly and safe, human touch has an incredibly relaxing and therapeutic effect.

If you’re feeling anxious or suffering from depression try coming in for a massage. I’m confident you’ll come out the other side feeling happier and relaxed with reduced levels of anxiety.

I fully understand that your demanding professional work or home life easily brings on bouts of anxiety and even sometimes depression & I’m passionate about helping you alleviate these emotions.

Alleviate Insomnia

Not only does massage provide encouragement for a restful sleep but it’s also helpful for those who are unable to rest comfortably in any other form whatsoever.

It promotes sleep in patients who are undergoing radiation treatment or chemotherapy.

Improve the Immune System

White blood cells are the key component in forming the defensive core of your body's immune system for fighting against all diseases.

Massage therapy helps in boosting the white blood cell count in your body. It also helps in improving the functioning of the immune system in individuals who are diagnosed with HIV.

Experience Massage Therapy Benefits

I encourage you to schedule your next bodywork session in order to take advantage of all massage therapy benefits. Consider each session to be an integral part of your wellness and health plan.

I’ll be happy to help you establish a treatment schedule tailored to meet your needs. Your first visit is aimed at helping me understand precisely where your body sits currently in terms of “need”.

From there you and I will work together to ensure you live pain and stress free, allowing you to benefit from maximum performance in your professional and personal lives

Begin to transform your pain and stress into opportunity and freedom today…You are worth healing!

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