Why choose a House Call Doctor?

House Call Doctor are for patients who are busy professionals who don't have time to come to my office for care.

Massage House Call

House Call Doctor are:

  • for patients who are concerned about venturing out to a doctors office during the Coronavirus pandemic and want to remain safe and secure within their own home.
  • for busy Mom's who's time is consumed by providing for their children while working and don't have time to commute to a doctor's office.
  • for patients who value their privacy and who want anonymity when receiving alternative healing therapies.
  • for patients who enjoy the comfort and privacy of their own home and feel it is important to their overall healing.
  • creates a calm peaceful environment where you may relax and let go of worry and stress.

With house call doctor visit you will receive 60 minutes of therapies which may include a combination of:

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