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What Can I Expect During My First Visit to Dr. Z?

Establishing a relationship with any new doctor can be a stressful experience.

To help you feel at ease, you will always receive a warm, reassuring and friendly greeting in my office.

You will also be asked to complete a comprehensive history form which may be emailed to you as a portable document file and print at home or you may complete your form within DrChrono's secure web portal "onpatient" for your convenience.

After I review your history form, you will receive an orthopedic/neurological exam custom tailored for your individual situation.

You may be asked to perform some simple movements to help me diagnose your symptoms.

You will usually be asked to remove some clothing near the area of your body to be examined or wear a cotton gown.

I am trained to examine areas of your body using a highly-developed sense of touch, known as palpation, to determine conditions and to identify your body's points of weakness or excessive strain.

Sometimes during palpation you will notice soreness that you didn't feel without palpation.

This is normal.

It is called latent trigger points, i.e., hidden areas of tension and pain that reveal different layers of compensation.

After your physical exam you will receive a comprehensive Non-Force Chiropractic adjustment which uses an advanced form of Applied Kinesiology to communicate with your nervous system and help me identify exactly which muscles, bones, ligaments, tendons, organs may be causing your symptoms.

With my unique form of treatment you receive "whole body" care that includes many years of skilled spinal manipulation techniques including:

During your follow-up visit you will learn what is causing your symptoms (diagnosis) and approximately how long it will take for you to heal (prognosis).

You will also be given self-care techniques that you can do at home in order to speed your recovery.

Finally, you will receive an individualized treatment protocol custom designed to meet your health care goals and budget.

What Insurance Programs Does Dr. Z Accept?

My license number (DC26528) is listed with all health insurance carriers. However, I am an Out-Of-Network Chiropractor who accepts payment at time of service.

This means that when you pay for your treatment, I will give you an insurance billing receipt which you will receive by way of a private email using DrChrono outlining the required diagnosis codes and treatment charges.

You submit this form to your health insurance company who will reimburse you for charges directly. 

Depending upon the Chiropractic coverage of your health plan, you may receive up to 100% reimbursement.

The exception is Kaiser Permanente, they do not reimburse for Out-Of-Network care.

Call your health insurance company and check your Chiropractic coverage if you have concerns.

How Many Visits Will I Need?

The number of visits you will require depends upon several factors.

1. What was your physical condition before your injury/symptom? The more de-conditioned you were before your injury/symptom the longer it will take for you to resolve.

2. How long have you had your injury/symptom? The longer you wait to receive care the longer it will take for you to resolve. Your brain creates neuronal connections to reinforce your pain pattern. Every day your body compensates for your injury/symptom the more pain reinforcing neurons your brain creates.

3. What are your health care goals? Do you simply want pain relief? Are you interested in rehabilitation and returning your body to as close to pre-injury as possible? Are you interested in preventing future injuries and maintaining a healthy body for the long term? These factors will indicate the amount of care necessary.

4. Are you suffering from osteoarthritis, post-surgical scaring and adhesions, advanced degenerative joint disease, multiple car accidents, sports injuries, etc? The more advanced your degeneration and/or injuries, the longer it will take for you to resolve.

5. How quickly does your body generally heal? Your body's constitution is a major factor in how long it will take for you to heal. Every body heals in his/her own unique time frame.

6. Is your injury a herniated disc, tendon or ligament injury? If so, these structures are avascular (without direct blood supply) and tend to heal much slower that muscle related injuries.

7. Do you have confidence in Non-Force Chiropractic and alternative care techniques? Your belief that these techniques will help you is very important to your overall outcome.

Will Dr. Z Work With My Primary General Practitioner?


When you become a patient of mine you instantly acquire an advocate.

I happily and effectively work with General Practitioners, Orthopedic Surgeons, Neurologists, Physical Therapists, Psychologists, and other associated health care professionals.

Your records are stored securely in an Electronic Health Records (EHR) format on an iCloud based server using DrChrono a company headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area.

I am part of a network of over 300,000 other medical professionals throughout the United States.

Should your primary Medical Doctor require my treatment notes or other supporting documentation, with your permission, he/she will be supplied within 24 hours of the request by email or USPS.

I am available 24/7 by way of voicemail or text at 415-246-5867 iPhone or email at

Why Can't I Just Get Reflexology W/out Non-Force Chiropractic?

Your central nervous system is your master self-healing control center.

Non-Force Chiropractic is a very powerful way to help balance your nervous system by aligning your musculoskeletal system and enhancing your body's ability to self-heal.

Reflexology is a way to help reduce blocks in your body's meridian energy system and enhance organ function by stimulating reflex points on your feet.

By integrating non-force chiropractic with reflexology, you maximize your body's ability to heal saving you time and money.

Your non-force chiropractic treatment will enhance the outcome of your reflexology.

You have many choices of reflexology practitioners.

When you choose "whole body", integrated care you will experience a deep sense of relaxation and at the same time increase your body's ability to heal.

What Services Does Dr. Z Provide?

First Visit

Follow-up Visits

Relaxing Reflexology

Massage and Chiropractic aka Combo

Chi Nei Tsang Abdominal Massage

House Calls

Sole Support Custom Orthotics

Qi Gong Exercises

Telephone Consultation

You are worth Healing.

Begin to transform your pain and stress into opportunity and freedom today.

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