Your questions and concerns are important to me. I have listed the most frequently asked questions. However, should you have additional concerns, please complete the contact form, and I will answer your questions as soon as possible. I appreciate your interest in my unique, integrated healing protocols and look forward to helping you begin your healing journey soon.

Dr. Z

Frequently asked questions

When are follow up treatments advised?

Consider these scenarios: Are you more tired than usual? Has a previous injury come back to bother you? Just finished your new garden, and your body is saying "Ouch"! Have I treated you for less than five visits? Has it been three months since your last Non-Force Spinal Manipulation? Are you traveling a lot? Have you been under more stress than usual? Do you feel out of balance and scattered? Are you training for your next golf tournament, tennis match, backpacking trip, long-distance run, or horseback riding competition? Do you want to maximize your body's healing potential? Are you experiencing menstrual pain and dysfunction? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it's time for a follow-up spinal manipulation! Your Follow-Up Visit includes: A Non-Force Spinal Manipulation includes your whole body, not just your area of chief complaint. I believe that your entire body compensates when you have an injury. Adjusting your whole body helps restore your natural balance as quickly as possible. Explain how your body is doing, with detailed answers to all of your questions and concerns. You may also receive several complimentary procedures which can help give you the fastest relief possible. These may include: Janet Travell's "Trigger Point Therapy" John Barne's "Myofascial Pain Release" Thomas Myers' "Anatomy Trains Fascial Release" Cranial-sacral Massage Energy Healing Qi Gong Physiotherapy Follow-up visits address your unique body; your treatment protocol targets your body's needs in real-time. As a result, when you leave the office, you will feel more balanced and centered, relaxed, taller, lighter, and have a greater sense of well-being. Honor your body. Make an appointment for a follow-up treatment today. Want to feel more balanced, centered, and relaxed? Want to peel away layers of tension and stress? You are worth healing. Begin to transform your pain and stress into opportunity and freedom today.

What Can I Expect During My First Visit to Dr. Z?

What can you expect during your first visit with me? Establishing a relationship with any new doctor can be a stressful experience. To help you feel at ease, you will always receive a warm, reassuring, and friendly greeting in my office. You will also complete a comprehensive history form you will receive in an email as a pdf or portable document file and print it at home. You may also access your records within DrChrono's secure web portal "onpatient" for your convenience. After reviewing your history form, you will receive an orthopedic/neurological exam custom-tailored for your situation. You will perform some simple movements to help me diagnose your symptoms. You will usually remove some clothing near the area of your body that requires examination. When you choose to wear yoga-style clothing during your treatment, it allows easy access. I will examine areas of your body using a highly-developed sense of touch, known as palpation, to determine conditions and to identify your body's points of weakness or excessive strain. Sometimes during palpation, you will notice soreness that you didn't feel without palpation, which is a latent trigger point. Latent trigger points are hidden areas of tension and pain that reveal different layers of compensation. After your physical exam, you will receive a comprehensive Non-Force Chiropractic adjustment. I will use an advanced form of Applied Kinesiology to communicate with your nervous system and help me identify exactly which muscles, bones, ligaments, tendons, organs may be causing your symptoms by way of a leg length check. With my unique form of treatment, you receive "whole body" care that includes many years of skilled spinal manipulation techniques, including: DNFT Non-Force Chiropractic
Tui Na Orthopedic Massage
Chi Nei Tsang Abdominal Massage
Relaxing Reflexology During your follow-up visit, you will learn what is causing your symptoms (diagnosis) and approximately how long it will take for you to heal (prognosis). You will also receive self-care techniques that you can do at home to speed your recovery and empower you to heal when not in my office. Finally, you will receive an individualized treatment protocol custom designed to meet your health care goals and budget. Begin to transform your pain and stress into opportunity and freedom today.

What is Trigger Point Therapy Massage and how can I benefit?

What is Trigger Point Therapy Massage and how can you benefit? I often use trigger point therapy massage to help my patients feel a reduction in pain. My clientele consists of professionals needing to feel immediate release to get back to optimum work performance. Trigger point therapy is effective for this purpose because most pain is usually alleviated gently and quickly. What’s a Trigger Point? A trigger point is a painful spot on the body that “triggers” painful responses not only there but also in other parts of your body. Your body is a collection of nerves. As you age (hormonal changes) perform prolonged sitting and computer-related activities, experience accidents, your muscles, tendons, and nerves begin to form micro-fibers and adhesions. These microfibers and adhesions cause a decrease of lubrication within the sheaths through which the tendons move—eventually causing pain and stiffness. Pain and stiffness in one area can easily “refer” pain to another connected piece of tissue called referred pain. These localized points cause significant pain as the connective tissue and muscle groups are highly sensitive when compressed. As the pressure builds, this is when you begin to feel referred pain elsewhere. Another term you may hear to describe trigger points is “hyperirritable spots.” These hyperirritable spots are said to be associated with nodules inside the taut bands of your skeletal muscle fibers. These palpable nodules become pretty painful as they contract into tiny knots. Using Trigger Point Therapy Massage When I perform trigger point therapy, I use isolated cycles of pressure and release to reduce your pain through I ask you to be a part of the process to help identify precisely where the localized and referred pain is showing up in your body. Benefits of Trigger Point Therapy The benefit, of course, is the reduction of your pain. By releasing the knots within your muscle fibers, we’re able to reduce the pressure and pain successfully. As I mentioned above, you’ll often notice a significant lessening of your pain within one single session. If you suffer from any chronic injury, we can create beautiful results over a small succession of sessions. You are worth healing. Begin to transform your pain and stress into opportunity and freedom today.

How many treatments will I require to get back to normal?

How Many Visits Will I Need? The number of visits you will require depends upon several factors. What was your physical condition before your injury/symptom? The more de-conditioned you were before your injury/symptom, the longer it will take for you to resolve. How long have you had your injury/symptom? The longer you wait to receive care, the longer it will take for you to resolve. Every day you delay treatment, your brain creates neuronal connections to reinforce your pain pattern. Every day your body compensates for your injury/symptom, the more pain-reinforcing neurons your brain produces. What are your health care goals? Do you want pain relief? Are you interested in rehabilitation and returning your body to as close to pre-injury as possible? Are you interested in preventing future injuries and maintaining a healthy body for the long term? These factors will indicate the amount of care necessary. Are you suffering from osteoarthritis, post-surgical scarring, and adhesions, advanced degenerative joint disease, multiple car accidents, sports injuries, etc.? The more advanced the stages of degeneration and injuries, the longer it will take for you to resolve them. How quickly does your body generally heal? Your body's constitution is a significant factor in how long it will take for you to heal. However, everybody heals in his/her unique time frame. Is your injury a herniated disc, tendon, or ligament injury? If so, these structures are avascular (without direct blood supply) and tend to heal much slower than muscle-related injuries. Do you have confidence in DNFT Non-Force Chiropractic and alternative care techniques? Your belief that these techniques will help you is fundamental to your overall outcome. I suggest that you come in for a treatment and listen to your body's intuition (Innate). Your body's Innate healing system will help you decide if this care is for you.

Why do I need Sole Supports Custom Orthotics?

Do you suffer from any of these symptoms? Do your feet cramp? Do you have knee pain? Do you have low back pain? Do you suffer from shin splints? Are some of your toes not straight? Do you have flat feet (over-pronation)? Are ingrown toenails a problem for you? Do you suffer from pain in the ball of your foot? While you're walking, do your feet get tired and sore? Do you have blisters, bunions, or calluses on your feet? Do you have a pair of orthotic insoles that have not relieved your symptoms? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are a serious candidate for my Sole Supports custom-made orthotics! What is an Orthotic? A Sole Supports Custom orthotics is a supportive device placed inside your shoes to change your feet' function. Orthotics work dynamically during weight-bearing activities such as standing, walking, or running. Ideally, orthotics support the arch of each foot in the maximum height position. Your feet are unique and different from anyone else's. That's why your orthotic needs to be custom-designed, considering your weight, level of activity, and foot dimensions. Do You Need Sole Supports Custom Orthotics? A majority of us, including me, have flat feet or "overpronation." There are more than thirty common symptoms related to poor foot function. If you have symptoms like: plantar fasciitis heel spurs bunions blisters shin splints hip pain, low back pain knee pain hammer toes flat feet (over-pronation) bad spinal posture metatarsalgia pregnant Chances are your feet are not functioning correctly. The most effective way of returning your feet to normal function is to have a pair of "Sole Supports" orthotic insoles custom-designed for your feet. How do Sole Supports Orthotics Differ From Other Orthotic Insoles? Most orthotic insoles add cushion and give a minimal amount of arch support. Unlike typical custom orthotics, Sole Supports Custom Orthotics completely support the correct arch of your foot by creating an accurate mold of your optimal foot position to establish maximum arch height. Your Sole Supports custom orthotics support your feet during full range of motion, which helps the muscles of each foot to function correctly, thus eliminating your pain and symptoms. Your Local Sole Support Custom Orthotics Insole Specialist Do you currently have a pair of custom orthotic insoles that haven't eliminated your symptoms? Did you buy a pair of orthotics online and still experience foot pain, leg pain (shin splints), hip, or low back pain? Have you found the special insoles you purchased with your running shoes inadequate? You now have a qualified Non-Force Chiropractor and Custom Orthoritcs specialist to diagnose your foot problems and provide casting of custom orthotic insoles. You benefit from my specialized certification in the area of foot orthotics. In addition, you are welcome to a complimentary foot analysis during your next DNFT Non-Force Spinal Manipulation appointment. Call me today to include your Complimentary Foot Analysis with your next Non-Force Chiropractic Treatment. You are worth healing. Begin to transform your chronic pain and stress into opportunity and freedom today.

How can DNFT Non-Force Chiropratic help reduce stress?

How can DNFT Non-Force Chiropractic help reduce stress? Receiving chiropractic treatment for stress under my care means you're in for a gentle, non-invasive experience. Unlike your possible past experiences at the chiropractor's office, I don't use any of those harsh bone popping movements. Instead, you'll discover a relaxing, calm experience inside my office space! Another added benefit to the DNFT Non-Force technique is there's no need for months of long, drawn-out treatment sessions. My focus is on your nervous and musculoskeletal systems, using safe techniques of hands-on physical manipulation to aid you with a wide range of diseases resulting from stress. Most likely, you're suffering from pain in the back (especially the lower back), your neck, head, and problems in various joints and limbs. All of these are commonly resulting in the physical manifestation of stress. My DNFT Non-Force Chiropractic System When you become my chiropractic patient, I'll utilize a hands-on approach on you, which doesn't include pharmaceutical drugs. The first thing we'll do upon your first visit is to conduct my focused orthopedic/neurological examination to allow me a complete understanding of your body's present state of health. I'll then provide you my Whole Body "Non-Force" Spinal Manipulation. From there, we can discuss which holistic & stress-reducing healing method you may need that I have in my repertoire: Chinese Massage Techniques Reflexology Orthotic Treatment Acupressure Treatment As your practitioner provides you chiropractic treatment for stress, I can quickly shift into any possibly needed bodywork massage, a large part of my uniqueness. Providing DNFT Non-Force Chiropractic along with bodywork massage is unique. Very few chiropractors utilize the art of massage therapy. Instead, they refer you out when your care requires those healing modalities. Inside my practice, I'll be with you throughout your entire treatment process. Conditions Needing Chiropractic Care Stress causes a myriad of physical conditions that need care. These include all types of chronic pain areas such as your neck, shoulders, back, hips, knees, or ankles. My DNFT Non-Force chiropractic technique will locate the source of your pain and alleviate your conditions. I will increase circulation and Chi, improve lymphatic system performance (remove toxins) and treat your "whole body" holistically to relieve pain. I use each healing modality to restore function and mobility to your body parts affected by stress, disease, or injury. You can rest assured that as your DNFT Non-Force chiropractor, I'm genuinely concerned for your well-being. Transforming your stress and tension into opportunity and freedom are my most important goals.

What is your healing background and what motivated you to become a Chiropractor?

My journey to becoming a healer. As a child, I had numerous health problems. I had constant colds and flu, which resulted in a Tonsillectomy at age 5. I was overweight, and my toes were not straight when I was born. I could never eat the same food as other children because I would develop chronic constipation and stomach pains. I was in and out of the doctor's office, and, at age six, I had to wear funny rubber toe straighteners for more than a year to correct that problem. Interestingly, none of the traditional medical remedies resulted in better health, so when I was in my early twenties, I began to research alternative ways to treat myself. One of the first books I read was Edgar Cayce's "Handbook for Health Through Drugless Therapy," 1975, by Dr. Harold Reilly. I read and reread the book and began to try some of the remedies, and some helped. Inspired by this, I began to research other self-care books, and my journey into alternative health care began. Over the years, I learned how to improve my poor constitution. An essential part of my medical background was self-taught. I studied reflexology, massage, acupressure and would experiment with my friends. My friends would tell me how great they felt after my hands-on treatments. To improve my health, I joined a local gym and began to lift weights, ride a stationary bike, and swim. During a latissimus dorsi pull-down exercise on a weight machine, the metal wire connecting the pull-down bar to the device snapped. I was faced away from the machine, so when the metal wire suddenly snapped, I fell backward onto a small metal pin that changed the weights. The pain was so great that it took minutes for me to catch my breath and be able to move. I presented to an emergency room at a local hospital where an MRI and X-ray revealed disc damage at the Lumbar 4 and Lumbar 5 spinal levels, a severe sprain/strain and contusion (bruising), low back muscles, and shock. The emergency room medical doctor said it would take several months to heal and recommended rest. After about a month of rest, I wasn't getting any better. I began Chiropractic treatment. Experiences with Chiropractic were an essential part of my medical background. After about six months under Chiropractic care, I was able to resume a semi-normal life. To this day, I favor my low back and receive DNFT Non-Force Chiropractic Care at least once a month to keep my body balanced and prevent further degeneration. I have had several "careers" and jobs in my life. By my thirties, I was in real estate sales but feeling very dissatisfied. I wanted to change my focus to helping people, not selling to people. So I enrolled in a business program at JFK University to teach management principles developed by Stephen Covey. Dr. Covey's program helps businesses honor their employees. My Chiropractor at the time learned that I wanted to change my focus. She said that if I wanted to help people, I should consider Chiropractic. She told me that the Chiropractic profession needed someone like me who was caring, honest, and motivated to help others. So she arranged a private tour of Life Chiropractic West College in Hayward, California. As I toured Life West's campus, I noticed Metaphysical quotations by D.D. Palmer developed modern-day Chiropractic in the late 1800s. I learned that Chiropractic is the only healing arts profession that has over 50 volumes of philosophy texts. These texts and quotes reminded me of Metaphysical authors I had been reading for most of my life; people like Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau, and John Muir. Chiropractic's metaphysical connection convinced me that this field was the right fit. Another essential part of my healing background included the formal education of completing a Bachelor of Science, Pre-Med curriculum and embarking upon a four-year Doctor of Chiropractic degree at Life Chiropractic College West. Completing a medical degree at my age was difficult, but when I finally got to the clinic internship stage, I found that treating patients was easy and natural. After eighteen months of internship, I received Clinic Honors, a prestigious award given to one intern in each class who has shown outstanding performance in doctor-patient relationships. I learned about Directional Non-Force (DNFT) Chiropractic while a first-year student at Life West Chiropractic College was one of the most critical medical background epiphanies. Due to the stress at school, I was having low back problems and needed to find a new Chiropractor. A colleague referred me to Dr. Karen Woodbury in San Francisco. I began treatment with Dr. Woodbury, and within a couple of visits, I felt better than after any of the many Chiropractic treatments I previously experienced. What impressed me immediately was that she didn't twist my neck or `crack' my spine like most of the techniques I was learning at school. Instead, Non-Force Chiropractic is a gentle technique that adjusts the whole body; spine, tendons, muscles. The relaxing whole-body treatment of DNFT Non-Force Chiropractic is why you experience healing so quickly. As my technique was not part of Life West's curriculum, I began attending a wide variety of Non-Force Chiropractic seminars outside of school which added to my medical background. In addition, the complexity and thoroughness of the DNFT Non-Force Chiropractic protocol helped my understanding of how the body can heal. Having a successful, outcome-oriented mentor was essential to my medical background. Upon graduation, I met Dr. Doug Mosher, who had a Directional Non-Force Chiropractic practice in Napa. Soon I was commuting from Marin to work for him and as my mentor. Dr. Mosher and I immediately established a rapport. Directional Non-Force Chiropractic is a complex technique to master, which is why so few Chiropractors specialize in it. Nevertheless, Dr. Mosher mentored me, and I became proficient in the method in about twelve months. Dr. Mosher's patients were very pleased with my care, and he offered me a permanent position in the Napa office. By this time, I had to make a decision. Either I had to move to Napa permanently or stay in Marin and begin a new practice. Creating my practice was an essential part of my medical background. A perfect opportunity helped me to make the decision. Dr. Karen Woodbury announced that she would sell her practice in San Francisco due to a hand injury. I jumped at the opportunity, and in December of 1999, I began to practice at her former office on Ocean Avenue in San Francisco. Then, in May of 2003, I moved into my current location at 2555 Ocean Avenue. Today, DNFT Non-Force Chiropractic and the alternative healing arts continually fulfill me. My passion for researching new, unconventional ways of healing is a part of my everyday life. My joy in seeing my patients transform is the greatest gift I receive. In addition, my desire to help people on a very personal level brings me deep satisfaction. I thank Chiropractic and my patients for the opportunity to be of service. Your fast relief, positive outcome, and long-term healing are my primary goals. You are in control of your care. Your health care budget is honored at my office. You can take advantage of long, flexible office hours. You receive Whole Body Care during every visit. Most doctors treat your chief complaint and then treat other areas of pain by rescheduling you for separate visits. Fees add up fast. At my office, you save time and money because, during every treatment, your Whole Body is balanced and centered using a wide variety of techniques. Your care is individualized and personalized to meet your unique health care goals. Your appointments will be On time. You will rarely if ever, need to wait. When you come into my office, you will generally be the only patient here, and you will have my full, undivided attention. Your time is valuable, and you are a VIP when you are in my office. It would be best if you experienced relief in your symptoms in less time than traditional ChiropracticChiropractic saving you time and money. You will receive unique, unconventional, and integrated treatment protocols that help you achieve natural joint pain relief fast. Your health records are stored digitally/electronically by DrChrono, a HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) compliant website. No one may access your records without your written consent. Narratives/reports are available in an electronic format, DrChrono, when you need to communicate with an auto insurance company or another third party. Your health records are compliant with The Affordable Health Care Act and are up to date with the ever-changing Health Care Laws. You are the Center of care. Your outcome is an essential aspect of care. Your private, secure online patient portal "onpatient" allows you to get appointments and information fast through DrChrono. Your health records are maintained digitally in a Safe, Secure Electronic Format using DrChrono Web-based software so that you may share them with other Health Care Providers such as your Orthopedic Surgeon, etc., quickly and conveniently. Your Treatment Sessions Are Also Learning Sessions You will learn: -why you developed your symptoms -what areas are the root cause of your pain -ways to implement self-care techniques that will speed your healing Your questions and concerns are essential to our relationship. Your emails, text, or phone calls will be answered the same day you contact me seven days a week. Begin to transform your pain and stress into opportunity and freedom today.

Dr. Z, Have you been vaccinated? What are your COVID safety protocols?

Your health and safety are essential! As a health care provider, I have always taken measures to maximize the health and safety of my patients, and COVID is not an exception. I received the current Flu Vaccine at the Kaiser San Rafael location on October 8, 2020. I received my second dose of COVID Moderna vaccine on March 8, 2021, at the Kaiser Vaccination Center located in the Terra Linda High School Gymnasium in San Rafael, CA. My officemates, Anthony and Laurie, received a single dose of Johnson and Johnson on March 15, 2021. They do not see clients during the days that I see patients. As of May 1, 2021, over 96% of my patients are fully vaccinated. We are currently employing the following COVID safety protocols: -HEPA air filters are in constant use in every room. -Hospital-grade, filtration system that works with the central heating and air conditioning removes all disease from the air.
-We have windows that open to provide fresh air and cross-ventilation by way of the unlocked front door, which is kept open.
-We sanitize all surfaces after all encounters.
-We maintain a contact-tracing journal that notes the date, time, name, and body temperature of everyone who comes into the office.
-We all wear KN95 protective masks at all times.
-I have contactless payment methods using Wells Fargo Clover, Venmo, Zelle, Apple Pay to reduce cross-contamination.
-I take blood pressure, body temperature, and oxygen saturation during every encounter, recorded and stored in DrChrono's electronic records.
-I use DrChrono's online records management to complete all forms electronically, reducing the risk of contamination.
If you have cold or flu-like symptoms, please wait for ten days before scheduling your healing session.

Will you work with my primary MD?

Working with your primary MD is very important. When you become a patient of mine, you instantly acquire an advocate. I happily and effectively work with General Practitioners, Orthopedic Surgeons, Neurologists, Physical Therapists, Psychologists, and other associated health care professionals. Your records are stored securely in an Electronic Health Records (EHR) format on an iCloud-based server using DrChrono, an Apple Health Care partner company headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area. I am part of a network of over 500,000 other medical professionals throughout the United States. Should your primary Medical Doctor require my treatment notes or other supporting documentation, with your permission, they will receive them within 24 hours of the request by email or United States Postal Service. I am available 24/7 by way of voicemail or text at 415-246-5867 iPhone or email at drjohnzeravich@mac.com. Triage with other health care providers is an essential component of your overall outcome. Begin to transform your pain and stress into opportunity and freedom today.

What is referred pain and how do you address it with your care?

Referred Pain Described Referred pain is the pain you feel in one part of your body that, in all actuality, is not the source of your problem. Throughout your body are various road maps of nerves. Interestingly, we can touch one point on your body, and you’ll feel pain or pressure in another area. Referred pain is why it’s crucial to take advantage of therapeutic bodywork and DNFT Non-Force chiropractic techniques. Western medicine techniques will often miss the ultimate reason for pain in the shoulder, for example. At the same time, an Eastern or massage approach will connect the pain you feel and the underlying causes. Identifying Referred Pain Sources Of course, it’s more critical for me to know each precise source of referred pain. I find it benefits you as my client to have a basic understanding of the phenomena. For example, internal organs such as your gall bladder, liver, or spleen refer to the shoulder. All types of conditions can cause shoulder pain, such as gallstones, liver abscesses, splenic rupture, pericarditis, or pneumonia. Another area where you can feel the pain that becomes confusing is between the shoulder blades. Sometimes, a stomach disease such as gastric cancer can manifest in your upper back area. Stomach pain signals from some of the nerve fibers running to the stomach report back to the same spinal cord levels that report pain signals from the upper back or shoulder blade skin area. Interesting, wouldn’t you say? How This Helps In Your Massage Session The critical aspect to this is how the specialized knowledge I have in this area allows me to identify the source of your pain and then help your body on its way to healing the underlying cause through the power of therapeutic touch. Nerve fibers from each organ have a direct relationship with your spinal cord, and this is where my DNFT Non-Force chiropractic treatment is highly beneficial. Various life events and relationships cause levels of stress on your inner energy. As a result, over time, misalignments occur, and you experience the ache or pain that prompts your call into my office. These misalignments often result in a situation where you identify pain in one area of your body, but my diagnosis will determine the underlying cause elsewhere. From there, it’s a matter of relieving the stress in these areas to open up your body energy. This process allows you to quickly feel noticeable pain relief as your body reacquires its natural healing abilities. Begin to transform your chronic pain and stress into opportunity and freedom today.

How does Reflexology work?

How does Reflexology work? Reflexology is quite effective for improving circulation, increasing energy, reducing stress, stimulating nerve function, and improving the immune system. This type of non-invasive massage therapy is called a foot rub. Foot massage honors the principle that each part of your body corresponds to a reflex point in the feet. Foot massage is over 4,000 years old. This massage stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, bringing about natural body healing. Know that I'm touching your feet with gentle massage motions on your meridian points as I work to stimulate specific body areas, such as your liver, pancreas, lungs, heart, lymph glands, our pineal and pituitary glands. What Can be Treated? There are many diseases/disorders you can help with by undergoing Reflexology. Such disorders include blood circulation problems, impaired immune systems, sleep problems, and digestive disorders. Reflexology is especially important if your body is overly sensitive and unable to tolerate a deep tissue pressure massage because rubbing your feet allows me to work remotely to resolve pain and tension. Your busy and eventful lifestyle causes fatigue and lack of strength (deconditioning). In addition, the insufficient blood supply to the muscles causes spasms and tension. Reflexology can significantly help you regain the energy you need by increasing stagnant blood flow. Other Benefits Gained from Reflexology In addition to the benefits I've listed above, Reflexology will also help: Neck pain Muscle tension Arthritis Constipation Thyroid imbalances Allergies Multiple sclerosis Bowel disorders Female issues Asthma Blood pressure Sinusitis menstrual cramps stress You are worth healing. Begin to transform your pain and stress into opportunity and freedom today.

What is Chinese Massage Therapy?

What is Chinese Massage Therapy? Chinese massage therapy has roots as far back into history as 722 B.C. As a bodywork massage therapist and licensed DNFT Non-Force Chiropractor, I incorporate various elements of Eastern massage to help you reduce stress, improve sleep, increase range of motion, eliminate chronic pain & soreness and improve healing times. I take a holistic approach to your wellness needs. My goal is to help you eliminate the need for reacting to disease or illness by ensuring we strengthen your overall immune system. Taking this approach helps heal and keeps you from becoming sick or diseased throughout your ongoing, regular maintenance sessions. Chi Nei Tsang Massage Chi Nei Tsang is an ancient bodywork approach to healing through the abdomen. The result is a balanced nervous system and strengthened internal organs. Chi Nei Tsang is a powerful healing modality. The Chinese healing theory is to heal from the root of life, from within, aligning you with an Innate power. Through this massage technique, Qi (Chi), your Life Force, is encouraged to flow more harmoniously throughout your internal organ systems to promote health from the inside out. An incredibly relaxing & balancing treatment! Qi Gong Exercises Qi Gong is studying how to develop & nurture your essential “life force” through posture exercises, breathing techniques, and mediation. I’ve mastered the art of Qi Gong and am here to guide you through this incredibly effective technique for promoting mind, body & spirit balance. A limited view of the results you’ll experience from my Qi Gong therapy includes weight loss, increased self-confidence, more remarkable ability to handle stress, reduced healing times, and authentic mind, body, spirit interconnectivity. Tui Na Massage Outstanding for treating strains & sprains, digestive issues, chronic pain, liver issues, musculoskeletal problems, menstrual cramps, spleen issues, and arthritis. A Tui Na massage is a deep tissue massage with constant, repetitive techniques across your entire body, but especially along your spine. It’s highly effective in terms of opening up your body’s Chi energy to bring balance back to your systems (homeostasis). Using acupressure points, I’m able to affect your flow of energy positively. If you’re feeling “blocked,” need help with your posture, or experience chronic stress, then I encourage you to try my unique, integrated healing protocols.

What are shin splints and how can your care help?

What are Shin Splints? Shin splints treatment may be necessary if you have ever suffered diffuse tightness and tenderness over the entire front part of your lower legs while you are standing, walking, or running. Your shins are in the front or anterior part of your lower leg. Suffering from sprained anterior lower leg muscles (referred to as shin splints) can be very painful and, in some cases, dangerous. Shin splints treatment will help you resolve your shin splints and offer you ways of preventing future shin splints episodes. Before we discuss shin splints treatment, you may want a more in-depth look into shin splints and a deeper understanding of what are shin splints' symptoms! Shin splints treatment addresses the various muscles that become overworked during exertion, resulting in chronic lower leg pain and tenderness. Lower leg muscles that are involved with shin splints symptoms include: tibialis anterior extensor hallucis longus extensor digitorum longus peroneus Tertius tibialis posterior flexor hallucis longus flexor digitorum longus soleus gastrocnemius peroneus longus and brevis Dr. Z's holistic approach to shin splints treatment. If you are suffering from unresolved chronic shin splints, you've come to the right practitioner. On your first visit, you receive a focused professional, orthopedic, neurological exam to give you a specific assessment of your current condition. Then you will receive my unique Whole Body DNFT Non-Force Spinal Manipulation. Also, you will receive a combination of my integrated, alternative healing techniques, which include: -Relaxing Reflexology -Chi Nei Tsang Abdominal Massage -Tui Na Chinese Orthopedic Massage -Foot function evaluation Depending upon your symptoms, you may also receive other safe, gentle, and effective alternative care modalities, including: Janet Travell's Trigger Point Therapy John Barne's Myofascial Release Thomas Myer's Anatomy Trains Fascial Release Insight Timer Meditation Protocols Whole Food Recommendations Restorative Yoga Movements Qi Gong Physical Therapy Shin Splint Sole Supports Custom Orthotics Whenever someone comes to my office with lower leg pain and dysfunction, I offer a free Shin Splints Orthotics evaluation. A shin splints orthotics evaluation involves observing how you walk, how your feet and hips move, how your feet contact the ground, and noticing abnormal gait patterns. Many patients with shin splints benefit from shin splint orthotics. Sole Supports Custom Orthotics reduce lower leg muscle strain by supporting your foot with a maximum arch height. If a calm, peaceful environment conducive to healing and nurturing your Spirit, Mind, and Body is essential to you, this care is for you. You are worth healing! Begin to transform your pain and stress into opportunity and freedom today.

I'm looking for Holistic Chiropractic Treatment for Headaches. How Can You help?

When you need holistic chiropractic treatment for headaches, there are points to consider to ensure you receive the best care possible. What type of chiropractic care is right for you? What are your values in terms of the overall healing process? Do you want to find a practitioner-focused on Sickness Care (quick pain relief) or one focused on Wellness Care (addressing the underlying cause)? Are you interested in the type of care that involves harsh, jerking movements that cause your neck and spine to "snap, crackle & pop"? Or, are you looking for a chiropractor that can solve your headache pain in a more gentle, holistic manner without cracking or popping? Keep these thoughts & choices you have in mind as we dig deeper. Benefits of Holistic Non-Force Chiropractic Treatment for Headache As drugs only reduce the intensity of headaches while masking the underlying cause, I promote a natural remedy for reducing pain and understanding the actual cause of your pain. My primary objective in using chiropractic therapy is to use gentle, non-intrusive techniques to effectively and adequately help your spinal cord function. The application of gentle and skilled chiropractic adjustments will relieve the tension on your spinal nerves and muscles, thereby reducing the symptoms of your current headache issues. Unlike drugs and injections, my unique integrated DNFT Non-Force Chiropractic therapies limit the incidence of future headache problems as well. A Truly Holistic Approach Throughout my initial consultation stage with you, I examine your body's overall function and perform specific tests to identify the root cause of your problem. Going back to the questions I posed above: If you're looking for a more natural, holistic approach, I believe you'll be happy to meet me. I use what's called DNT Non-Force chiropractic care. Before performing any treatment, I'll take you through my wide-ranging orthopedic, neurological exam that leads us into my Whole Body Non-Force Spinal Manipulation process. Once I've fully balanced & aligned your musculoskeletal system, I will then be able to move into helping you through a variety of massage techniques, such as: Trigger Point Therapy Referred Pain Therapy Active Release Technique Relaxing reflexology massage Tui Na Chinese Orthopedic Massage Chi Nei Tsang Abdominal Massage Reiki Energy Balancing Myofascial Release Utilizing an integrated, holistic treatment protocol for headaches is Unique! Most licensed doctors must refer you out elsewhere when your chiropractic treatment for headache needs move into the area of massage or bodywork. Unlike most doctors, I specialize in both chiropractic care and massage therapy. Providing all of the treatment protocols in my office means I'll be with you throughout each step in your healing process! As well, most health insurance policies will reimburse you for your therapeutic massage therapy when performed by a licensed doctor. But, again, be sure to ask me about the details. I look forward to being the person who helps you heal your headaches holistically because You Are Worth Healing! Begin to transform your pain and stress into opportunity and freedom today.

My other chiropractors and physiotherapists use electronic devices, why don't you?

Why don't you use electronic devices? Traditional chiropracgtors and physiotherapists employ a wide range of electronic devices. You may have experienced some of them yourself, such as; Electrical Muscle Stimulation, Transcutaneous Nerve Stimulation, Ultrasound, Activator, Arthrostimulator, etc. After observing the slow, frustrating, time-consuming, and expensive outcome of using electronic devices for many years, I have chosen to use the ancient, practical art of hands-on DNFT Non-Force Chiropractic complemented with a wide variety of bodywork and massage therapy. The Cons of Electronic Devices Electronic devices expose you to very invasive electronic energy, often daily, semi-weekly, for weeks and months, which disrupts your body's natural electromagnetic fields. In California, chiropractic and physiotherapy electronic devices are to be performed only by licensed health care professionals requiring you to take much time and effort. Your outcome is usually slow, frustrating, and costly. Electronic devices treat the symptoms and not the cause. My Holistic, Hands-On Approach compliments your body's natural energy fields. Your body is an electromagnetic miracle that your Brain and Nervous System control. But, unfortunately, all electronic devices, including your iPhone and iPad, electric healting pad, disrupt your vital energy fields, which places undue stress and tension on your nervous system. According to Eastern and Western research, our hands emit energy. Some describe it as Qi. This Qi energy my hands emit compliments and balance your body's natural energy vibration. Hands-on massage is therapeutic because it helps release the inner emotional and spiritual stresses that eventually manifest as your physical pain or disease. I have a faster outcome by using my hands-on approach and address your Spirit, Mind, and Body as a complete healing system. All pain, whether chronic or acute, is alleviated by gentle, safe hands-on massage practices. Fatigue goes away. Anxiety and depression are relieved—a wide range of physical illnesses magically resolve. You can't physically experience pain or disease until negative inner patterns or emotions are present long enough to develop their physical counterparts. Inner disharmony comes first. Cancer, heart disease, joint pain, back pain, it all comes second. My hands-on healing optimizes and balances your Inner Harmony, allowing you to naturally and safely get to the root cause of your symptoms. If you haven't received the results you want from traditional electronic device-driven physiotherapy, I invite you to try one of my unique hands-on healing sessions soon. Your worth healing! Begin to transform your pain and stress into opportunity and freedom today!

What is Chi Nei Tsang Abdominal Massage?

Chi Nei Tsang Abdominal Massage can help resolve: pain in the back of your head neck and shoulder pain chronic neck pain pain between your shoulder blades chronic shoulder pain back pain on your lower right side sciatica symptoms pain in your hip back and hip pain acid reflux hiatal hernia GERD Depression Anxiety Menstrual Cramps Chi Nei Tsang relieves heartburn, headaches, stiff and sore muscles. In addition, Chi Nei Tsang relieves stress, anxiety, and depression. You will benefit by optimizing your immune system by way of improving your REM sleep. Chi Nei Tsang Abdominal Massage will enhance your internal organs and balance your nervous system! By focusing on the abdomen (Solar Plexus Chakra and Lower Dan Tien), Chi Nei Tsang Abdominal Massage brings healing from within, from the center, the roots, the origin of life itself (your Innate healing system). This abdominal massage, in its modern context, works in three primary ways. Chi Nei Tsang Abdominal Massage 1) Detoxification. Chi Nei Tsang manipulations help relieve the body of excess stagnation. It improves elimination, stimulates the lymphatic and the circulatory systems, and strengthens the immune system's resistance to diseases. Chi Nei Tsang compliments DNFT Non-Force Spinal Manipulation, and you will notice a freer, more open abdomen, deeper breathing, and improved digestion. 2) Restructuring and Strengthening. By addressing the visceral structures and positions of internal organs, Chi Nei Tsang stimulates them. In addition, it corrects postural problems resulting from visceral imbalances and congestion in the structural pattern of fascia. Chi Nei Tsang releases deep-seated tensions and restores vitality. It has been helpful with chronic pain in the back, neck, and shoulder and problems related to misalignment of the feet, legs, and pelvis. When you combine it with your Non-Force Spinal Manipulation, you will notice improved balance and coordination. 3) Balancing Emotions. Unprocessed emotions reside in the digestive system controlled via the Vagus Nerve. Poor emotional digestion is one of the main reasons for ill health. Chi Nei Tsang allows emotions to unfold, making it possible for individuals to evolve and grow. When you receive Chi Nei Tsang Abdominal Massage in conjunction with your DNFT Non-Force Spinal Manipulation, you will notice that your nervous system is more relaxed. As a result, your sleep will improve, and you will feel more positive enthusiastic. Experience the healing power of my hands as you receive one of the most potent treatments in my vast array of protocols. You are worth healing. Begin to transform your pain and stress into opportunity and freedom today.

How can a Non-Force Chiropractor help me?

As Non-Force Chiropractor, I use a technique that's a combination of several safe, effective protocols developed over the last hundred years. Practitioners who have contributed to my integrated Chiropractic approach include: Richard Van Rumpt, Chiropractor, developer of DNFT (Directional Non-Force Technique) 1923 Arlan Fuhr, Chiropractor, developer of Activator Methods 1967 Donald Epstein, Chiropractor, developer of Network Spinal Analysis 1985 William Sutherland, Osteopath, developer of CranioSacral Technique 1899 George Goodheart, Chiropractor, developer of Sacral Occipital Technique 1964 Vinton Logan, Chiropractor, developer of Logan Basic 1936 among many others You won't experience any cervical rotaries, lumbar rolls, or bone-popping thrusts. Safe, gentle, Non-Force Chiropractor care is essential for a wide variety of patients, including: -infants who may be colicky -professional athletes who want to improve their discipline -weekend warriors who want to prevent injury -older people with pre-existing conditions, such as osteopenia -busy executives who want to reduce stress and tension -homemakers with neck and back strain from cleaning the house and caring for children -anyone who wants to resolve chronic pain and stress Non-Force Chiropractic doesn't require a long, drawn-out series of treatments. You'll notice pain relief quickly. You'll also optimize your body's ability to self-heal. Underlying Philosophy & Principles of Dr. Z's Non-Force Chiropractor Care In traditional Chiropractic philosophy, Innate is that Intelligence in the body is responsible for the functioning and well-being of the individual. In my Non-Force Chiropractic, Innate is more than a philosophical concept. Innate Intelligence allows me to diagnose spinal misalignments through a unique stimulus/response leg check (applied kinesiology).
I utilize the principle of Innate Intelligence in both analysis and adjusting. Innate Intelligence communicates with me via the leg check in response to a specific challenge. This approach yields the most accurate picture of a spinal misalignment from your body's internal neurological point of view. Your body accepts the specific character of my thrust when applied in the exact location and direction that your body directs. Your body accepts the corrective energy and translates it into the appropriate amount of force required to correct that specific spinal misalignment. Even though I introduce the impulse of a thrust, your Innate does the adjusting in one sense. Your body accumulates spinal misalignments that have occurred from many factors, including: -physical and emotional stress -accidents -being a parent -being a grandparent -not assimilating the nutrition from the food you eat -lack of adequate sleep -surgeries -among many others Over time your body accumulates layers of stress in the form of compensation. Similar to the layers of an onion. My unique, integrated form of Non-Force Chiropractic safely and gently peels away your layers of stress. This peeling away layers of stress are known as retracing which refers to your body letting go of old patterns and creating a new road to health and longevity. Begin to transform your chronic pain and stress into opportunity and freedom today.