Chiropractic Treatment for Stress

Receiving chiropractic treatment for stress when under my care means you’re in for a gentle, non-invasive experience.

Unlike your possible past experiences at the chiropractor’s office I don’t use any of those harsh bone popping movements.

Instead, you’ll discover a relaxing, calm experience inside my office space!

Another added benefit to Non-Force technique is there’s no need for months of long, drawn out treatment sessions.

My focus is on your nervous and musculo-skeletal systems, using safe techniques of hands-on physical manipulation to aid you with a wide range of diseases resulting from stress.

Most likely, you’re suffering from pain in the back (especially the lower back), your neck, head, and problems in various joints and limbs. All of these are commonly resulting physical manifestation of stress.

My Chiropractic System

When you become my chiropractic patient I’ll utilize a hands-on approach on you which doesn’t include pharmaceutical drugs.

In fact, the first thing we’ll do upon your first visit is to conduct my focused orthopedic/neurological examination in order to allow me a full understanding of your body’s present state of health.

I’ll then provide you my Whole Body “Non-Force” Spinal Manipulation. From there we can discuss which holistic & stress-reducing healing method you may need that I have in my repertoire:

A large part of my uniqueness as your practitioner providing you chiropractic treatment for stress is that I can easily shift into any possibly needed bodywork massage.

This is unique because few chiropractors are also trained in the art of massage therapy. They refer you out when your care requires those healing modalities. Inside my practice I’ll be with you throughout your entire treatment process.

Conditions Needing Chiropractic Care

Stress causes a myriad of physical conditions that need care.

These include all types of chronic pain areas such as your neck, shoulders, back, hips, knees or ankles.

 No matter where you’re pain is, my Non-Force chiropractic technique will help alleviate your conditions as I work to improve circulation and Chi, improve lymphatic system performance (remove toxins) and treat your "whole body" in a holistic manner to relieve pain.

Each healing modality I use aims to restore function and mobility to your body parts affected by stress, disease or injury.

You can rest assured that as your Non-Force chiropractor I’m truly concerned for your well-being. By the way, you don’t need take my word for it…instead, you can read what my current clients have to say about how my care has affected their lives.

When you’re ready to book your next session, I encourage you to fill out the form below or call or text me at 415-246-5867

Begin to transform your pain and stress into opportunity and freedom today…You are worth healing!

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