Chinese Massage Therapy

Chinese massage therapy has roots as far back into history as 722 B.C.

As a bodywork massage therapist and licensed Non-Force chiropractor I incorporate various elements of Eastern massage in order to help you reduce stress, improve sleep, increase range of motion, eliminate chronic pain & soreness and improve healing times.

Dr. Z performs chinese massage therapy

I take a holistic approach to your wellness needs. My goal is to help you eliminate the need for reacting to disease or illness by ensuring we strengthen your overall immune system.

Taking this approach helps to heal the reason you’re making your first appointment and keeps you from becoming sick or diseased throughout your ongoing, regular maintenance sessions.

Chi Nei Tsang Massage

Chi Nei Tsang is an ancient bodywork approach to healing through the abdomen. The end result is a balanced nervous system and strengthened internal organs.

The Chinese used it as a healing modality with the focus being that you’re being healed from the root of life itself…from Within.

Through this massage technique, Qi (Chi), your Life Force, is encouraged to more harmoniously flow throughout your internal organ systems in order to promote health from the inside out.

An incredibly relaxing & balancing treatment!

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Qi Gong Exercises

Qi Gong is the study of how to develop & nurture your important “life force” through posture exercisese, breathing techniques and mediation.

I’ve mastered the art of Qi Gong and am here to guide you through this incredibly effective technique for promoting mind, body & spirit balance.

A limited view of the results you’ll experience from my Qi Gong therapy include weight loss, increased self confidence, greater ability to handle stress, reduced healing times and authentic mind, body, spirit interconnectivity.

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Tui Na Massage

Outstanding for treating strains & sprains, digestive issues, chronic pain, liver issues, musculoskeletal problems, spleen issues and arthritis.

A Tui Na massage is a deep tissue massage with constant, repetitive techniques across your body, but especially your back.

It’s highly effective in terms of opening up your body’s Chi energy to bring balance back to your systems. Using acupressure points I’m able to affect your flow of energy in a positive fashion.

If you’re feeling “blocked”, need help with your posture, or experience chronic stress then I encourage you to come in for this treatment.

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