Benefits of Reflexology

The benefits of reflexology include immediate stress relief and better immune function.

It’s a completely non-invasive and holistic therapy used to improve your overall well-being. Reflexology works by stimulating reflexes in your feet.

When performed correctly it enables your body to restore its natural and normal healing process. 

Here are some of its key benefits:

Improved Circulation

Reflexology increases blood flow to your brain, feet, kidneys, intestines, and other vital body organs.

Blood flow is vital for overall wellness as it carries oxygen and nutrients to the cells in your body and aids in removing waste products and other toxins.

It also reduces stress and tension by allowing the cardiovascular vessels to conduct blood circulation smoothly and normally.

Relieving Stress

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Stress can be brought forth by your busy professional duties and/or busy lifestyle.

Various physical, emotional and mental factors also cause stress.

This can lead to negative conditions and illnesses such as:

  • insomnia

  • migraines

  • sleeping disorders

  • chronic pain in the neck or back

  • joint pain throughout the body

  • digestive problems

Stress is detrimental to your body and mind & I encourage you to take action to release it from your body.

Reflexology counteracts all the effects of stress by bringing forth tranquil relaxation and body balance.


Reflexology helps your body get rid of waste products and toxins. It helps in cleansing your body of all impurities inside your organs and glands.

This is vital for stimulating the body's lymphatic system and improving your immune system and thus reducing the risk of infections and illnesses.

Increased Energy

Reflexology is a form of muscle relaxation.

It stimulates the nerve endings to release energy, relax your body muscles and restore overall balance to your body. It therefore aids in reducing irritability, fatigue and increasing your energy levels.

Body Balancing

It’s essential to restore balance to your body's glands, muscles, tissues, organs and cells. This process brings about a state of homeostasis your body requires in order to function smoothly and effectively.

Benefits of Reflexology Combined w/ Non-Force Spinal Manipulation

In my practice I bring the process of Non-Force Spinal Manipulation (therapeutic, “non-bone popping” process) together with the benefits of reflexology.

The result brings you the following added benefits:

  • I treat your entire body when combining the effects of Non-Force Spinal Manipulation & reflexology.

  • Increased results in removing toxins within your kidneys, bowels and liver.

  • I stimulate your body’s natural pain killers (endorphins) as they are released from your pituitary gland and help aid your pain perception.

  • Added benefit to your overall healing processes.

Begin to transform your pain and stress into opportunity and freedom today. You are worth healing!

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