A Big Thank You to the Professionals (my advisor group) Who Help Me Help You!

These professionals (my advisor group) help me create an integrated approach to patient-centered care. I am deeply appreciative of their contributions to me and to my patients and to our entire healing community.

Advisor group: Michael Gregor, MD FACLM (A founding Fellow of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine) As the creator of www.nutritionfacts.org Dr. Gregor has helped me and my patients make sense of the confusing world of nutrition. His lead-edge research have dramatically changed my health and extended my life. As a nutritionist I find Dr. Gregor's information engaging and transformative. Whenever a patient is confused about  nutrition I direct them to www.nutritionfacts.org.

Advisor group: Douglas Mosher, DNFT Chiropractor, Angwin, California. Dr. Mosher has been my mentor for more than twenty years. He is an incredible chiropractic innovator and metaphysical (energy) healer. I am thankful for our relationship. Dr Mosher's knowledge, experience and continued research in metaphysics have greatly enhanced my patient-centered care outcome.

Advisor group: Stuart McGill PhD, is a Professor of Spine Biomechanics and the Chair of the Department of Kineisology at the University at Waterloo, Canada. Dr. McGill's lead-edge work has greatly enhanced my understanding of the way our body works and has allowed me to implement several procedures that contribute to faster relief and long-term outcome.

Advisor group: Craig Liebenson, Doctor of Chiropractic and author of "Rehabilitation of the Spine, A Practitioner's Manual". Dr. Liebenson has one of the most successful Spinal Rehabilitation Centers in the United States in Los Angeles, California. His patient-centered outcome approach to rehabilitation has helped me transform my practice. I owe a great deal to Dr. Liebenson's innovative work in the the areas of spinal rehabilitation. Which has lead to increasing the speed of patient healing.

Advisor group: Janet Travell MD. Dr. Travell's work at Cornell University in the 1980's created one of the most ground breaking works of it's time, "Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction, The Trigger Point Manual". Originally created as a guideline for Medical Doctors to use for pain killer injections, it forms the basis of my referred pain therapy protocol. For over 15 years Dr. Travell's work has contributed to thousands of my patients discovering that the root of their symptoms lie away from the site of their pain.

Advisor group: Thomas Myers, body-worker and publisher of "Anatomy Trains, Myofascial Meridian for Manual and Movement Therapists". Mr. Myers sees beyond traditional movement therapies. His understanding of how our fascial web contributes to the way our body compensates has been a great leap forward for body workers and chiropractors alike. As a Manual Therapist I perform Anatomy Train adjustments on almost every patient. These adjustments contribute greatly to speeding patient relief and ensuring long-term outcome.

Advisor group: Malik Slosberg DC, MS. Dr. Slosberg is an educator, writer, researcher and chiropractor. His cutting-edge research to improve patient outcomes by way of chiropractic and innovative exercise rehabilitation has improved my own body and hundreds of my patients. I attend Dr. Slosberg's "Validating Chiropractic" seminars annually to stay up-to-date on how to create the most effective self-help protocols for my patients.

Advisor group: Bruce Lipton, PhD. is an internationally recognized authority in bridging science and spirit. A cell biologist by training, his breakthrough studies on the cell membrane presaged the new science of Epigenetics, and have made him a leading voice of the new biology. I had the good fortune to study with Dr. Lipton as a student at Life West Chiropractic College where he taught us from a manuscript that would become his book, "The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the power of consciousness, matter and miracles". Dr. Lipton has helped me understand the importance of honoring Mind and Spirit when treating patients.

Advisor group: Weston Price, DDS. was a colleague of Royal Lee, the founder of Standard Process Whole Food Supplements. In his ground-breaking study, "Nutrition and Physical Degeneration", Dr. Price traveled the world to find out why those cultures who lived close to whole foods were healthy and that most cultures who ate processed foods were the most malnourished. His study helped transform my idea of nutrition. Today my patients are healthier and better nourished because of Dr. Price.

Advisor group: Greg Zheng, Chinese Doctor has been a friend and mentor for over a decade. Originally born, reared and educated in China, Dr Zheng is part of a multi-generational Qi Gong Master family. I was fortunate to have been trained in Qi Gong Tui Na by Dr. Zheng. Dr. Zheng and I collaborated on 18 Form Qi Gong Exercises to bring this ancient form of Orthopedic Rehabilitation to the United States. Implementing Tui Na Orthopedic Massage and 18 Form Qi Gong Exercises into my practice has allowed me to greatly reduce the time it takes my patients to heal and significantly reduced recurrence of injuries.

Advisor group: H. David Coulter PhD. Dr. Coulter received his doctoral degree in anatomy, was initiated by Swami Veda among other prominent Yogi's and has been committed to correlating his understanding of the practices of Yoga with accepted principles of biomedical science. Dr. Coulter has helped me understand the biomechanical and biochemical benefits of Yoga movements. This important insight has resulted in more patients complying with their self-care and improved overall outcome.

Advisor group: Linda Ryan, Doctor of Naturopathy is an independent clinical support consultant with Mediherb herbal products. Linda has been instrumental in helping me design complex yet easy to implement herbal protocols to compliment my Standard Process Whole Food therapies. Linda has a calm, easy-going personality that quickly gets to the essence of an issue. With support from Linda I have gained invaluable knowledge about herbs which allows me to help patients with a wide variety of issues. 

Advisor group: Kenneth Cohen, Qi Gong Master, China Scholar, Health Educator Master Cohen has devoted more that four decades to the study of Qi Gong, as well as, indigenous medicine, working closely with Native American and African healers. By studying "The Way of QiGong: The Art and Science of Chinese Energy Healing" and "Honoring the Medicine: The Essential Guide to Native American Healing" I have been able to customize  unique, integrated, wholistic approaches to helping patients resolve their symptoms easily and quickly. 

Advisor group: David Walther, DC, Diplomate ICAK was the author of the major textbook, "Applied Kinesiology A Synopsis" which I used to study the several levels of Applied Kinesiology. By using Applied Kinesiology (using the patients own nervous system bio-feedback to ask the body what it requires) I am able to respect the uniqueness of every patient and truly analyze the underlying bio-mechanical and energetic causes of symptoms. By utilizing this accurate, non-invasive approach I am able to quickly and easily find the root cause of most symptoms. Applied Kinesiology is the basis of several of my techniques which allows me to treat most patients without the need to perform radiology.

Advisor group: Timothy McCall, MD author of Yoga As Medicine. Dr. McCall transformed his life from a Medical Doctor into a lifelong Yoga Teacher. Along the way he developed relationships with some of the most influential and effective Yogi's and Yoga Teachers in the world. Each chapter of Yoga as Medicine concentrates on a single symptom and how to find relief using specific Yoga poses. By using the examples in Yoga As Medicine to change my own health I have been able to better customize self-care techniques empowering my patients to transform their situation safely and easily.

Advisor group: Kenneth Hansraj, MD is a spinal surgeon and director of New York Spine Surgery. His book "Secrets of the Cervical Spine" helped remind me, through detailed photos and illustrations, how our spine reacts physically to various stressors, including smoking, drinking alcohol, lack of exercise, lack of sleep, etc. Dr. Hansraj emphasizes the importance of maintaining a balanced and healthy spine through self-care which includes; regular spinal adjustments, Yoga, eating whole foods, walking, massage therapy. By illustrating the physical changes of the spine as a result of stressors more patients are complying with their treatment and self care protocols and experiencing dramatic improvements in their energy and ability to move more confidently.

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