Acupressure Treatment Benefits

Acupressure treatment refers to an ancient Chinese art of healing developed more than five thousand years ago.

Dr. Z demonstrates acupressure placement

It’s a non-invasive method I use in my chiropractic/bodywork practice in order to help alleviate stress related conditions.

The treatment involves the use of finger pressure & placement on certain key healing points, or meridians.

Acupressure is based on the concept of Chi, which refers to the fact that energy flows consistently through your body's meridian points.

These meridians, or lines of flow of energy, can be accessed at specific points. This enables us to manipulate the flow of energy in order to lessen tension, increase blood flow and unblock your Chi energy for overall healing.

This type of treatment is based on the premise that illness is a result of any kind of blockage in your flow of Chi energy. By using acupressure we can resume the normal flow of energy and therefore heal multiple ailments.

Benefits of Acupressure Therapy

Considering the fact that acupressure helps you relieve stress, this treatment helps make you resistant to diseases and promotes your overall wellness.

Some areas where I effectively use acupressure are:

Treating Physical Ailments

Dr John Zeravich treats patient using acupressure

Some common physical ailments effectively treated through acupressure therapy are:

  • Headaches
  • Severe pain in the back
  • Neck pain
  • Sleeping disorders like insomnia
  • Knee pain
  • Arthritis
  • Cold and flu
  • Hip pain
  • Sciatica symptoms
  • Shoulder pain

Helping Emotional Pain

Emotional pain can disrupt the flow of energy in your body leading to emotional imbalances (and eventually manifest as physical disease).

Acupressure therapy releases the energy in your tense muscles, improves your circulation & brings about a deep state of relaxation. As your flow of energy is restored emotional pain is melted away.

Improved Immune System

This method of treatment is effective in promoting immune system functionality. As we balance your nervous system and internal organs it allows your body to return to its optimum operating state.

Your body has an amazing ability to heal itself once energy blockages caused by modern day stress & chemical/environmental imbalances are opened and released

What Can You Expect During an Acupressure Treatment?

Dr. Z performs acupressure treatment

Fully clothed, you lie on a massage table as I use my hands to manipulate your various acupressure meridian points.

Your session can usually last from 30 to 60 minutes and is calm & relaxing.

While there are many acupressure points, here are a few to help you with further understanding:

Liver: Between your big & second toes.

Large intestine: Between your forefinger & thumb.

Spleen: Tender area about 2 inches above your inner anklebone.

Following your session I will ask for feedback and will most likely recommend exercises you can do at home.

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