Acupressure Therapy

Acupressure therapy was originally developed in Asia almost 5,000 years ago.

I mention this because I believe it’s imperative for you to know why I believe strongly in its ability to help your body regain its healing properties. Five thousand years is quite the time-tested period, don’t you think?

Acupressure is treated as a healing therapy that can help you relax. It improves blood circulation and reduces tension.

Gentle Finger Pressure

Dr. Z demonstrates acupressure placement

The principles of acupressure are very similar to the principles of acupuncture.

However, when I use this particular therapy in my San Francisco Bay area practice I use finger pressure rather than any needles or invasive instruments.

I use finger pressure on different points of your body in order to successfully release congested or blocked energy centers.

As a busy professional living in the San Francisco Bay Area I realize you may experience a hectic and stressful life and may have developed fatigue, headaches, and other stress related chronic pain.

Acupressure is one possible method I’ll choose to help your muscles, tissues and bones becomes balances, relaxed and healed. The main factor of acupressure is to learn about the different points that will produce the required healing response in your body.

Acupressure Therapy

Dr. John Zeravich performs acupressure therapy

An acupressure massage generally lasts between about fifteen to thirty minutes. Hands, fingers, knees, feet elbows and even blunt objects can be used to massage different parts of your body.

As I mentioned, I focus on using my hands to keep your massage gentle, relaxing and most effective.

As I perform your acupressure session I use my fingers to produce a circular motion and medium pressure in order to release tension and promote your blood circulation and vital life energy…which in Chinese is termed as “chi”.

Different Points of Acupressure

In acupressure therapy some of the important points are Nei-guan, Shen-men and Ji-quan.

The Shen- men points help the heart calm down and when these points are massaged it can help to prevent heart diseases, sleeplessness etc.

The Nei-guan points are situated at the center lines of your arms. If you’re above the age of thirty-five I actually recommend you should massage these two points on a daily basis for at least five minutes.

Massaging the Nei-guan points can slow down the process of aging and reduce depression, nervousness, irritability etc.

The Ji-quan points are located inside the armpits. These points help treat arm numbness, improve liver functions etc.

Learn more about Acupressure Meridian Points

Remember this: You are worth healing.

Begin to transform your chronic pain and stress into opportunity and freedom today.

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