Acupressure Meridians

Dr. John Zeravich demonstrates acupressure meridians

Focusing on the various acupressure meridians allows me to help you improve your health in a non-invasive manner.

Acupressure is a technique for using pressure points present all over the body to heal it in a natural & efficient way.

It can help you to release stress, tension & fatigue and can boost your energy levels and concentration. 

While there are many points to know as your therapist, here are a few of main meridians I use in my practice to provide healing (Cuns is a measuring unit in acupressure. It’s about 2 forefingers in length):


These points are located at the center of your chest and run along your arms and into your middle finger.

The main point located on the pericardium meridians is called P6 (Nei-guan). It’s 2 cun before your palmar wrist crease. P6 helps with stomach issues such as vomiting or nausea.

P3 point aids with pain, nausea & palpitations. It’s found at the bend in your elbow.

P7 helps the intestines & stomach as well as calming your overall spirit.

Heart Meridian

The heart meridian runs from your arm pit, down you arm and into your inside pinky.

The intersection of the wrist line and the hard tendon of the finger marks the Shen-men point (HT7). Massaging these points will help you to get rid of nervousness, anxiety and depression.

HT3 helps with vomiting, memory and calms your spirit. It’s located on the inside of your elblow.

HT9, at the tip of your pinkie, is used often to aid migraines. It also calms the spirit and helps your eyes, throat & tongue.

Lung Meridian

Your lung meridian runs from your shoulder down into your thumb.

LU5 helps with skin conditions. It’s found in the middle of your elbow crease.

LU6 helps with wheezing & cough conditions. It’s located 5 cun from your wrist on your forearm.

LU7 is located one half cun from your wrist. It helps calm the nape of the neck.

LU9 helps the lungs. It’s located beneath your thumb at your wrist joint.

Large Intestine

LI4 is found in the webbing between your forefinger & thumb (backside of hand). It helps with headaches and detoxification (esp after a hangover). It’s also helpful for constipation. It’s often called the Great Eliminator.

LI11 helps balance your system in terms of sleep patterns, body temperature, hormones and overall mood. It’s found at the outside of your elbow.


ST2 aids with eye disorders and sinus problems. You’ll find it 1 cun below your eye.

ST34 helps with stomach issues, breast disorders and knee pains.

ST36 will balance & strengthen your body and help various spleen or stomach issues.

Small Intestine

SI3 helps alleviate whiplash or other tight muscles in the neck or upper back. Will also calm your overall spirit and helps with any type of epileptic issues.

SI6 aids the arms, shoulders and eyes.

SI9 aids with upper arm/shoulder issues. 

There are many, many more acupressure meridians to know.

My intent is to show you how a true understanding of the body allows us to use acupressure, massage and other techniques to provide medical benefits, calm your spiritual side and alleviate any number of stress related issues.

Putting Acupressure Meridians to Work for Your Benefit

I use my acupressure expertise in the various methods I employ, such as my bodywork, massage therapy or reflexology treatments.

Begin to transform your pain and stress into opportunity and freedom today. You are worth healing!

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